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Dreams About Mice? What Does it Mean When You Dream About a Mouse in the House?

By: EarthKind

Deciphering dreams is an activity that has engaged and entertained people throughout the ages. Some people argue that dreams are just a nonsensical jumble of images created by our brains while resting. Others believe the images in dreams symbolize feelings and events in our lives, helping us understand and address the challenges we face.

I am not here to debate the validity of either side of the matter. I only bring this up because I recently had a very interesting dream and couldn’t help but to share. If you’ve read any of the other posts to this blog, you know we talk about rodents a lot. Rats, mice, and other occasional household pests are generally our topic du jour. Perhaps I spend too much time thinking about mice… Whatever the reason may be, one night I had a dream that went a little something like this:

Dreaming about a mouse in the house

While lounging in a comfy chair, a tiny hole suddenly appeared near my feet. Alarmingly, an ever increasing number of mice began emerging. Naturally, I knew exactly what to do. Letting my nerves get the better of me, I did let out a little scream first. Then I took off quickly to grab a pouch of Fresh Cab from my stash.

I had total confidence that once I had that pouch in my hands, the mice would be sent running and I would be able to return to my relaxing respite. It seemed the mice were onto me though, and it was a very intense high-speed chase to get to my stash of Fresh Cab – I’m talking about something out of a Jason Statham movie – I was kicking mice left and right out of my way, jumping over obstacles like an acrobat, and some really exciting chase music was playing in the background! But at last, I had reached my destination and was grabbing a pouch of Fresh Cab when to my surprise, the pouch was a miniature size! I tried in vain to scare the mice with it but they just snickered at me.

Confident that even these miniature pouches would work if I could just get enough of them, I was reaching for more when…. I awoke. Blinking, I stumbled to my computer to Google what it means to dream about mice. It seems there are many interpretations of what it means to dream about mice, varying from feeling insignificant, annoyed, or even that I have found a solution to a problem that’s been plaguing me.

Whatever the underlying message of my dream was, I felt compelled to check my stash of Fresh Cab. The pouches were a reassuring 2.5 ounces. The comforting balsam fir scent was strong. I knew it would repel any rodent foolish enough to step foot inside my home!

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