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EarthKind’s Tips for a Kinder New Year

By: EarthKind

From little choices to big gestures, this year will be filled with chances to choose kindness. EarthKind began with a promise to be kind to people, pets, the planet and your pocketbook. Keeping that in mind, we’ve picked 4 easy tips to help keep it kind all year long:

  1. Being kind to people is so easy, and it will make you feel better too! Try surprising a colleague with a coffee, or picking up the phone to call an old friend.
  2. Spend a little extra time with your pets and four-legged friends. Bonding with your own pet, getting outside for a walk with the dog, or volunteering at a local animal shelter are great ways to help kindness grow.
    friends walking dog outside
  3. Treating our planet with kindness gets easier every day! New brands, new products, and new role models are stepping up each day sharing tips and tricks that make it easy to go green. Start small by finding easy ways to reduce plastic, like by keeping reusable shopping bags and water bottles readily available.
    reusable bottle
  4. We can all contribute to making the world a kinder place. Not just for each other, but for the creatures that share our ecosystem and help maintain its balance too. When keeping your home pest free, see if a scent-based repellent is right for you. Our line of household pest repellents is named Stay Away® because it’s that simple, just place the pouches around your home and mice, ants, spiders and moths will stay away.

When it’s cold and wet outside, we’re all trying our best to stay warm. You may have noticed some new creepy crawlies or furry friends trying to do the same by setting up camp in your home. You can kindly let them know they aren’t welcome. EarthKind repellents make it super-easy to protect your home and business from pest damage without compromising nature’s delicate ecosystem.

Choosing EarthKind products is one small way to create a kinder world while protecting your home from pests.

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