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Useful Tips for When Electronic Rodent Repeller Fails

Many people have tried electronic rodent repellers to get rid of mice.  These repellers promise to solve mice problems by creating an electronic force field that causes mice to leave the area. However, electronic rodent repellers have received mixed reviews,

You might want to try one of these rodent repellers,  as a better alternative that is safe, effective, and guaranteed to  fix all of your rodent problems

Fresh Cab®  Rodent Repellent

Packaged in flow-through pouches, Fresh Cab is a plant-based rodent repellent that gets rid of mice and rats  and contains a patented formula of essential oils and plant cellulose fiber While the fragrance of the ingredients is very pleasant a to humans;  this aroma repels mice.

This is due to the active ingredient, balsam fir needle essential oil, which causes an avoidance reaction in mice.  Mice will follow their instincts and leave the area.

The Rodent Repellent That Can be Used Anywhere

Unlike electronic rodent repellers, Fresh Cab can be used anywhere.  Electronic rodent repellers need a nearby electrical outlet and enough space to hold the repeller.  They also emit a constant and uncontrollable amount of electronic waves. However, Fresh Cab pouches are easy to use as you only need to place or hang the pouches in the locations where you are experiencing a rodent problem.

Fresh Cab Works All the Time

All you need to do is place the Fresh Cab pouches in the selected areas and sit back and let Fresh Cab do the rest.  You don’t need to worry about plugging anything in or checking to make sure it’s working.

Fresh Cab pouches work up to thirty days in mice infested spaces and the scent lasts up to 90 days in non-infested spaces.  When you notice that the scent has weakened, simply replace the pouches with new ones.  The protection is never interrupted.

EPA Tested and Approved

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested Fresh Cab® extensively.  Fresh Cab® is the only plant-based rodent repellent approved by and registered with the EPA.  The EPA has rated Fresh Cab® as safe and effective.  The results are guaranteed.

This is a claim that is seldom made for rodent repellers.  Fresh Cab® does not require any safety warnings because there are absolutely no known hazards associated with this product.

A Great Buy

Fresh Cab® is guaranteed to work, so you know your money will be well spent