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Fresh Cab Make Cats Happy

By: EarthKind

One-third of U.S. households have at least one pet cat and it isn’t hard to see why.  From the timeless cartoon characters such as Garfield or Sylvester the Cat to the infamous LOL cats, cats have capitalized on certain characteristics that capture our hearts.  While many domesticated cats are quite tame, and sometimes even considered lazy, they still have an impressive hunting ability that comes naturally to all felines.  This special skill has made many homeowners grateful as it can help keep unwanted pests such as rats and mice away.

Just because a cat can does not guarantee that it will however, as any cat owner will tell you.  If a housecat has decided to engage in a game of cat and mouse, the results are often treacherous for the rodent.  But if a homeowner rouses a cat from a nap to take care of an uninvited intruder, the cat is just as likely to stretch and yawn dramatically before settling back into bed.  For reasons such as these, many cat owners find themselves looking for the best way to get rid of mice without harming their beloved pets.  Some methods of mouse control such as snap traps or poisons can be especially dangerous to pets.  Fortunately, there’s Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent, which is guaranteed effective and safe for pets. CAT_in_FC_box_copy-1

Why choose rodent repellent when you’ve already got a cat?

Fresh Cab is made from essential oils and plant fibers.  It works by putting off a crisp, woodsy scent that offends mice.  Because no harmful chemicals or debilitating mechanisms are used, there is no risk to pets.  Fresh Cab and cats work together like a timeless team – a team where Fresh Cab does most of the work and the cat is given extra free time for more appealing tasks, like chasing its own tail, or napping.  The only potential downside is that the cat won’t have many mice to chase, should the mood ever strike.


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