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Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent Keeps Furry Intruders at Bay


My family and I recently went on a camping trip. Not just my husband, kids, and myself, but my parents and siblings as well. We had booked two campsites between us and had two campers and a tent set up. Our weekend featured many campground activities you would anticipate like s’mores, stories around the campfire, a little fishing, and more than a few mosquito bites. There was one unexpected visitor though that continued to drop in the entire time we were there. A furry little squirrel seemed bound and determined to get into my brother’s tent. While we were sitting at the picnic table eating lunch one day, we saw the squirrel brazenly march up to the tent, but my brother quickly shooed it away.

Later that night, the squirrel tried sneaking up to the tent as we were roasting marshmallows, but my toddler was on patrol and loudly announced the intruder, scaring it away. As we were bedding down for the night, the rustles of the wind in the trees seemed to be a bit louder and closer than I was used to, and then a scratching sound made it apparent that our campsite crasher was at it again! A few words were shouted out and things seemed quiet for the rest of the night. 

Although this squirrel’s determination was highly entertaining, as was my toddler’s attempt to lure the squirrel out with coos and calls and blown kisses, it was a bit unsettling as well. While squirrels are not particularly vicious, they have been known to bite (most often, an overly curious child) and they may transmit fleas or diseases to humans. Also, I like to follow the practice that it is best to be as unobtrusive as possible with nature and passively observe rather than alter the natural order of things. Plus, I didn’t really want to share my s’mores fixings, or have this squirrel tell his friends about our delicious smorgasbord.

You may find yourself wondering what this daring little squirrel was after, but I’m afraid we do not know the answer.  What we did learn was that the squirrel had no interest in our camper, or my parents’ – which had both been protected with Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent. I have advised everyone I know to use Fresh Cab when storing their camping gear during winter months to protect it from mice, but this squirrel served as a reminder that Fresh Cab can still be useful during camping season too. Maybe now my brother will listen to me!

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