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Fresh Cab Mouse Repellent — What You DON’T Know May Surprise You!

earthkind® employees reflect at the end of the year.


Kari Warberg Block: Farmer in Charge at earthkind®

It’s the end of another banner year at earthkind. I have to say right off that I love my job as CEO of this company!  I wake up every day to the great pleasure of serving the rodent challenged population with the safest, most effective ‘green’ rodent repellent in the world. It’s fun to be the first, and the best, and to see the rodent category change before our eyes as a result of our innovation – Fresh Cab.

At earthkind, we do business the old fashioned way. We earn it customer by customer. No gimmicks, snake oil, or false claims. Just results, without the poison. Our customers are happy with Fresh Cab because it performs better than they expect, and it offers more value for the cost. So they tell others, and we keep growing. We don’t outsource our production overseas like many companies, instead we manufacture in small batches in-house to strictly control quality. Consistently delivering 100% customer satisfaction is worth the effort. The circle of life continues with new innovations around the bend, and an internal energy that’s bubbling up all over the place for 2012.

Since you usually hear my words as the leader of this company, I thought it was high time to give each of my co-workers a voice on our blog. There were no rules given, other than to share what they wanted, or share something that you, our readers,might not know about us:

RitaRita: Baby on Board                                      

This company’s objective of being kind to the earth, kind to the people who make its products, and kind to the pocketbook is not just a slogan. When I started working here as a temp, I was pregnant and afraid that I would not be able to gain long term employment because I would be needing leave in a few months. Much to my surprise, I walked into an office that already had a baby in it!  Another employee had recently had a baby and was allowed to bring her daughter to work with her. While my employment remained temporary, ending just before I had my baby, earthkind called me shortly after my son was born and asked if I would be willing to return. They let me bring him to work with me which was an amazing experience! I had been taught growing up that employers would be less likely to hire women with children because they would end up missing more work due to their families, but earthkind is the most family-friendly business I have ever encountered and for this, I am thankful beyond words!



Dan: Bean Counter Extraordinaire                           

I wish I would have known about Fresh Cab rodent repellent when my dad and I were still farming. I can SO relate to the Farmer In Charge (inventor of this awesome product) when it comes to having a mouse running around on you in the cab of a truck, tractor or combine.  Without fail, every year my dad and I would thoroughly vacuum out the cabs of the farm trucks, tractors, and combine, and load them up with dryer sheets for winter storage. (We knew they didn’t work, but figured maybe they were better than nothing at all. We definitely knew they smelled better than the nasty moth balls my grandpa used to use). And without fail, every year the inaugural trip in any of these would result in a mouse or two scurrying around the cab in a panic, ending up on the driver’s arm or leg at some point. (Yes, I’m a grown man who may look big and tough, but those creepy little critters can startle the heck out of you…especially if you’re trying to pay attention to the road or a combine header.)

These days it’s a different story. Stored RV’s, boats, cars, and tractors are protected year-round with Fresh Cab, as well as the cabinets and closets in the house. No more little furry surprises, no more cleaning up nests and droppings, no more dealing with the stench mice leave behind. No more chewed up wires, no more reupholstering the destroyed seats every couple years. Just peace of mind and the great balsam fir scent of Fresh Cab!


 Lisa: Army Veteran, outdoors lover, published detective writer                

The best thing about working for earthkind is that we contribute to the environment; it’s not just lip service. We don’t sell a line of toxic products, like other companies who claim to sell environmentally friendly products. We may not be as big, but we come to work knowing that we are doing something good for the environment AND helping people prevent troublesome & costly rodent damage. No oxymoron’s here.


Theresa:  Business Development, perfectly timed                    

The thing that strikes me is how dedicated and focused the whole team is on making sure earthkinds retail partners succeed. Many companies this small in size would embrace Internet based sales only. Kari knows how important local businesses are to the economic health of all regions of our country and she makes a concerted effort to ensure those businesses are successful with Fresh Cab, so that customers can get the lowest price, with the best service. It’s not uncommon to find Kari talking to customers, or personally writing thank you cards to retailers, employees, or partners who go over and above to help FRESH CAB customers solve their rodent problems.


beckyBecky: Website & Office Diva           

I love coming to work – almost every day! Before you are officially given a job at earthkind, you must take a personality test. This test tells you more than you ever knew about yourself!  According to the results, I was highly suited for much different work than I had been doing thus far in my career. earthkind has given me room to grow and really believed that I could accomplish much more than I knew. I have grown so much since joining the earthkind team.  The best thing was being able to bring my newborn baby girl to work with me for almost 8 months! I love working for a company that not only cares about the Earth, but cares deeply for its employees.




Crystal: Web Order Wiz                      

earthkind is a WONDERFUL company to work for. The office space smells like earthkind‘s All Natural Air Fresheners, since each employee keeps one in their office. The office may be small, but it is awesome! The coworkers are great people and always willing to help. Let’s not forget about the CEO, Kari. She is an amazing person. She has dedicated so much time and energy to make this company what it is today. Without her, none of this would be possible. We never know what the future is going to bring, since everyone is always brainstorming BIGGER and better opportunities for the company and customers.




Diane: Captain of Shipping  

At the plant, the product you receive is assembled by handicap/disabled people. We have a team of 5 plus one coach that work 5 days a week. They work very hard to assemble the product from stapling to putting the final product into shipping boxes. During our peak time of the year we have 50 – 60 workers in the plant assembling product for you to use in your business, at home or your favorite vacation spot. These people are SO dedicated to us at earthkind. Here are some of the things I see daily working with them:

  1. Never complain
  2. Never sick or late for work
  3. Always have a smile on their face
  4. Willing to do anything that you ask
  5. Always wanting to do the best and when they don’t they are upset with themselves
  6. Follow company do’s and don’ts

The best thing is: Willing to give hugs when you need them the most.

All in all, they are the best co-workers you could ever ask for.




Troy: Plant Manager & Superb Fresh Cab Maker                    

Wow, another year has come and gone and I can’t help but think what an amazing year we had here at earthkind, and we couldn’t have done it without the help from some amazing employees who made it possible. I am also very grateful for all the awesome customers we have, who continue to purchase our product and trust in it to keep their family and valuables safe. Here are a few things we do to make the best possible products, at the best possible price:

1)    We make our products in small batches to keep the quality high. Nothing beats happy, satisfied customers!

2    We chose the plant location due to the culture of the people in the area, and the proximity to our customers and raw products suppliers. This enables us to keep our prices as low as possible and not have a larger carbon footprint than necessary (even though this means more travel & hassle for management, but insures lower prices for our customers).

3)    Our suppliers have been the same since the inception of the business. We have very strong partnerships with each, and they often bring us fruit, pastries, and burgers and take time to visit.

Here’s to another rodent free year from everyone at earthkind!!!

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12 thoughts on “Fresh Cab Mouse Repellent — What You DON’T Know May Surprise You!

  1. Deb says:

    How soon when the announcement will come out? Can you tell us where the announcement will be posted please? Thanks

    1. Rita Stadler says:

      Deb, If you have signed up for our emails, you’ll be among the first to know. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. Thanks for reading!

  2. Jim Ed says:

    Tell me again. Why it’s not available…

    1. Rita Stadler says:

      We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll be making an announcement soon. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Jim Donofrio says:

    cant find Fresh Cab Anywhere and I love it WHY????????? ship me 6 boxes and Ill give you a credit card or check Please!!!!!!!!

    1. Rita Stadler says:

      Thanks for being a loyal Fresh Cab customer! Sadly, Fresh Cab is out of stock, but we are working to replenish the supply. You can sign up to get an email notification as soon as it’s available here. In the meantime, we’ve created a new formula, Stay Away Mice, that works in a similar way. You can order online or give us a call for more information and to place an order: (800) 583-2921

  4. Gary says:

    Any idea when Fresh Cab will be available again? I used to buy it on Ebay, now it’s priced like gold. What’s happening to this product?

    1. Rita Stadler says:

      Unfortunately we do not have an exact date for when Fresh Cab will be available again. Anyone currently selling it on Ebay is not an authorized retailer. We will be bringing it back as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and loyalty!

  5. Mike Howard superb Import Service 813 west division street mount vernon wa 98273 says:

    I run a independent auto repair business ,work on alot of subarus,rats love subarus.
    Finding It hard to get your product here in washington state.would like to buy enough to stock up a bit ,I know your product works ,im just a one man show here and would like to find a wholesale way to buy your product ,Iwork on alot of subarus at my shop and have seen it all ratwise .
    You have a product that works ,help me promote it!
    Ps.I also know about packaging equipment,packet machines etc.

    1. Rita Stadler says:

      Mike, Thanks for being a loyal Fresh Cab customer! Sadly, Fresh Cab is out of stock, but we are working to replenish the supply. You can sign up for an email notification as soon as it’s available here: In the meantime, we’ve created a new formula, Stay Away Mice, that works in a similar way. Please check it out under “Products” or give us a call to find out more and place an order. (800) 583-2921

  6. kenneth williamson says:

    hello great product just one problem no one has any for sale in new milford ct is there a problem?

    1. Rita Stadler says:

      Thanks for being a loyal Fresh Cab customer! Sadly, Fresh Cab is out of stock, but we are working to replenish the supply. You can sign up for an email notification as soon as it’s available here: In the meantime, we’ve created a new formula, Stay Away Mice, that works in a similar way. Please check it out under “Products” or give us a call to find out more and place an order. (800) 583-2921

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