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How to Get Rid of Spiders with Home Remedies

By : Rita Stadler

If you feel squirmy when taking your camping gear out of storage or experience a little uneasiness when searching for garden tools in the garage, welcome to the club! Spiders love to lurk about. You never know when you’ll run into 1… or 5.


Even if you’re not petrified of spiders, you probably don’t want them taking over your home. It only takes one tiny egg sac to hatch in your house, for baby spiders to move in by the thousands

Not to mention the cringe feeling of walking into a spiderweb, the painful bites, and sight of their insect prey tangled up in webs. While spiders don’t cause structural damage to your home or spread disease like other pests, they’re still unsettling. It’s beyond normal to want your space free of spider infestations. 

How to get rid of spiders 

If spiders were on a house-hunting show their top requests would be for a home free of smells and sounds. Maybe something close to a delicious neighborhood of flies but you can’t be too picky given today’s real estate market. 

Strong scents and sound vibrations interfere with spider’s sophisticated senses, making it hard for them to sense and catch prey. If the annoyances linger, they will be forced to take off in search of a new, more welcoming home. 

Fresh scents that repel spiders

You’ll never see a spider shopping for essential oils. Eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, and rosemary all repel spiders. Why do spiders despise these refreshing scents? Spiders have sensory organs on their legs, meaning they actually taste and smell with their legs. By walking on surfaces that are coated in the scent of strong essential oils, spiders end up tasting them too, which is uncomfortable so they take off. It’s similar to being at the dentist’s office when peppermint toothpaste and fluoride are forced in your mouth; it’s natural to want to run away!

Spiders don’t like vibrations

Vibrations from sounds truly annoy spiders. Continuous vibrations that aren’t related to a bug landing on their web, agitate them. Loud continuous sounds, like music, can take away their ability to detect prey, and they might think the vibrations are coming from predators. To be safe, they end up running away in fear. 

Spiders tend to make their homes in quiet, low traffic areas without a lot of new, fresh scents, think attics, basements, sheds, and storage areas.

Enjoying music throughout your home not only adds a warm vibe to the room, it signals spiders to move out!  

Get rid of spiders by taking away their snacks

Spiders rely on other insects for food. By ridding your home of other bugs, you cut off spiders’ food supply. Without food, spiders will leave to find a more bountiful location. Curious about their favorite snacks? Here’s a link to The Diet of a Common House Spider.


Home remedies for spiders

You can use home remedies to ward off spiders. Use an essential oil that spiders don’t like and mix it with water. Spray corners, pantries and anywhere else you’ve noticed webs or spiders. It’s important to repeatedly spray your mixture, so the scent is always lingering. Otherwise, spiders will return.  

Spiders also dislike vinegar. You can repeat the same spray bottle trick with water and vinegar in your garage or shed, but the scent of essential oils might be a little nicer in your home!

EarthKind natural spider repellent

Don’t have time to constantly concoct remedies and routinely spray oils throughout the house? We understand. Stay Away Spiders is the simplest way to repel 8-legged creepy crawlies from infested areas and prevent them from coming back. We made Stay Away Spiders from the fast-acting, plant-based ingredients spiders avoid. Our combination of rosemary, lemongrass, and citronella oils combined with natural plant fibers repel spiders for 30 days. 

Simply place a Stay Away Spiders pouch anywhere webs or spiders are noticed. 

Extend the life of Stay Away Spiders by 3X with the plastic-free Stay Away Pouch Pod. This biodegradable protective pod is stylish, discreet, and protects your pouches from curious pets and kids. The Stay Away Pouch Pod prolongs the effectiveness by slowing down the release of essentials oils, making it more consistent. 

Benefits of spiders

Spider infestations are scary and annoying, but the odd spider here and there is really nothing to stress about. Just like all living things, these arachnids serve a purpose and are needed to balance our ecosystem. Having an occasional house spider helps keep insects and other spiders away, as these 8-legged creatures are known to feast on one another. 

If you’ve got spiders living in your garden, consider yourself lucky! They’re basically free, natural pest control. They eat bugs that might otherwise eat your garden. 

Unlike other pests, spiders do not carry disease-causing bacteria. They actually help control the spread of disease by eating bugs like mosquitoes, roaches, and fleas that can give diseases to humans. 

Natural pest control 

Have you ever stopped to think about what chemicals are in traditional pest-control products? Most pest control sprays or foams can expose your family to scary chemicals, and they don’t actually prevent creepy crawlies from coming back. It’s a temporary bandage to a larger problem. 

Natural pest products work to repel unwanted critters while preventing new ones from moving in. It’s the only long-term solution for stressful pest problems. The best part is, there’s no need to compromise by bringing in unhealthy chemicals; plant-based ingredients can keep household pests away for good! 

Effectively and naturally solve your spider infestation problems with Stay Away Spiders.

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