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How to Get Rid of Moths from Your Home Safely and Permanently

Furs and silks can be signs of a lovely and luxurious wardrobe – but they can also be an invitation for moth infestations. Clothes moths are attracted to natural fibers. They will lay in wait, damaging or destroying precious items that are stored away.

Preventing moth damage is essential. You may not know you have a moth problem before it is too late and the damage has been done.

Thankfully there is a way to get rid of moths naturally that is safe, effective, and long lasting!

What to Look For

Many people believe moths are drawn to light, but this isn’t true for the moths that infest closets, clothes and furniture. They actually prefer dark, undisturbed areas. Casemaking clothes moths and webbing clothes moths tend to be less active in brightly lit environments. They prefer to stay close to their food sources, making them difficult to detect.

Adult moths do not have mouths so they are not responsible for damage to clothes or fabrics.  The larvae are the ones responsible for holes in your favorite blouse or other damage. Don’t be distracted by the sight of a moth flying somewhere in your home. Instead, be on the watch for damage to clothes, bedding, or furniture, as well as webbing, cocoons, or even droppings.


Plan Ahead

Washing or dry cleaning items that moths are attracted to, such as natural fibers, before storing them can reduce the likelihood of moth infestations. This will remove any existing moth eggs or larvae as well as remove any biological residue such as sweat, hair, or body oils which moths find attractive. Store items in air tight storage bags or totes rather than cardboard boxes to protect against moths.

Conventional pesticides are not recommended when treating a moth infestation as chemicals and poisons may have adverse effects on people, pets, and non-target species if applied to clothing, bedding, and/or furniture.

Invest in a Moth Repellent

In addition to laundering and protectively storing items, one of the best ways to prevent moth infestations is to invest in a moth repellent.

Stay Away® Moths works by using moth’s highly developed sense of smell against them.  Moths use their sense of smell to communicate, to detect food and find mates.  Stay Away® Moths will block the scents they are searching for and cause them to avoid the treated area.

As an added bonus, the natural scents and essential oils smell pleasant to people!

Most importantly, when you choose an environmentally friendly repellent, you do not have to worry about the risk you might be posing to your pets or to your kids or grandkids.

Remember to ‘prevent the pest so it won’t infest.’  You don’t want to have to get rid of moths; you want to stop them from damaging your property before they begin!