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7 Simple Solutions To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

By: Kari Warberg Block

Have you ever noticed that you rarely see a lone ant? That’s because they travel in colonies. When one little scavenger picks up the scent of food, he carries it back to his nest. Soon the whole family lines up and follows the leader. Before you know it, they’ve made themselves at home in your kitchen or on your outdoor buffet.

The good news is, there are ways to throw off their little scent detectors and keep them away from your home. And many of them are as close as your kitchen cupboard.

Here are seven simple solutions from EarthKind®, and there’s more where these came from! Be sure to follow our Facebook & Pinterest pages, where we offer you quick tips on how to keep household pests out of your home.

Now, about those ants……….

1 ) Crazy Ants Can Create Havoc In Your House

Everyone has a crazy aunt. But in the South, they travel in colonies.

We’re not talking about your crazy Aunt Louise. There really is a species called the Crazy Ant. Just ask anyone who lives in the South. They’re much harder to control than their Northern counterparts. They wander aimlessly on walls and countertops and they can wreak havoc on laptops and TV equipment. Be sure to seal up any entries you find and put a pouch of Stay Away® Ants & Cockroaches near any electronics.

2 ) Another Reason Not To Eat Cookies In Bed

Ants like cookies as much as you do. 

Cookies, crackers, casseroles.  Ants aren’t that particular. We’d suggest limiting all your cooking and consumption to just a couple easy to clean areas. Ants will be less likely to invade if they can’t find crumbs or spills.

3) Move Piles of Leaves, Lumber, and Mulch Away From Your Door

Don’t let ants build a guest house right outside your door.

Piles of lumber or leaves, as well as stacks of rocks or mulch, all look like dream homes from an ant’s perspective. Keep them far away from your home or ants will find their way to your front door.
4) A Leaky Faucet Or Pipe Is An Entryway For Ants

A drippy faucet will do more than raise your water bills.

A leaky faucet or pipe provides the perfect passageway for ants. They’re drawn towards moisture and an unrepaired opening is like putting out a welcome mat in your house. Fix any drips and ants will be looking for a more inviting dwelling.

5) Ants Don’t Like It When You Tickle Their Tiny Bodies

Ants are easily irritated.

While ants think the cracks in cement are cozy, they’ll make their home in someone else’s driveway or patio, if you sprinkle diatomaceous earth on yours. Their tiny bodies find the substance irritating and they’ll quickly find a smoother path.

6) Clean Your Counters With Vinegar. Then Spill A Little Sugar Outside

Ants have secret signals they send to friends.

If a worker ant stumbles upon a great source of food, it will leave a trail of scent, so that the rest of the colony can chow down too. If you can’t bear to kill the tiny creatures, quickly clean the area with vinegar. Then slip outside and spill a little sugar.  They’ll think they hit the jackpot and stick to the selections served outside.

7) Have Ants Created A Nest Outside Your Home? Try A Sprinkle Of A Strong Herb Or Spice.

Ants don’t like outsiders.

Every colony of ants has its own smell and they can detect an intruder in an instant. If you sprinkle a strongly scented herb or spice around the entrance to their nest, the ants will sense danger and the entire colony will promptly find a new home.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting natural solution, we’re proud to say that EarthKind’s award-winning product line for the home, Stay Away®, which repels rodents, ants, spiders, and moths, and is made solely from essential oils and plant fibers is just what you need. Simply place a pouch of Stay Away in problem areas and uninvited guests will be finding their way to a more welcoming home.

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