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4 Steps to Moth-Proofing your Seasonal Wardrobe

Adult_Moths_Do_Not_EatMoths are the kind of pests most of us have just learned to live with. They always seem to be around and don’t really bother you – until you pull out a silk blouse or Great Grandma’s linens that have been passed down from generation to generation. Moths can seem quite innocent in nature, but their destruction of wardrobes, fabrics and textiles can be pretty tragic, especially when it happens to family heirlooms! What if I were to tell you that you can prevent moths and not have to live with them and their destruction ever again?

Keeping moths out of stored clothing is pretty simple:

  1. Wash before storing. You will need to wash your cloth items before you put them away. Moths are attracted to soiled clothes containing sweat, hair, body oils or dead skin cells. Washing or dry cleaning clothes first will make them less attractive to moths.
  2. Clean storage area. It is important to clean off the shelf, closet, chest or whatever type of area where you will be storing your items. Pre-cleaning the area will assure that any moth larvae or existing moths will not already be present to cause damage.
  3. Store in vacuum sealed bags or airtight containers. You want to make sure that moths will not, and cannot, get into your items. Cardboard boxes or flimsy plastic bags such as garbage bags or used shopping bags will not provide enough protection from pests.
  4. Place a natural moth repellent in stored items. By doing this, you are placing the final touch assuring that you will not get moths or moth larvae in your items. Stay Away® Moths creates an invisible barrier that keeps moths out and protects your clothing, linens, family heirlooms and other fabrics. No matter what you or storing or where you store it, you will be satisfied knowing that your things will not be destroyed by moths.

Moths are no fun to deal with, and neither are destroyed family heirlooms. If this has not happened to you, you’re lucky! To ensure that it will never happen to you, follow the 4 simple steps provided and enjoy a brand new wardrobe every time you open it!

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