One in three households have had a mouse in the house. Mice aren’t just a nuisance, they can cause expensive damage and spread dangerous diseases. Getting rid of mice quickly is essential for a happy, healthy home.

Different types of mouse control:

Even though mice are a fairly common problem, there hasn’t been an ideal solution.

Mouse traps, glue boards and rat poison all come with health and safety risks. If you have pets or young children, the possibility of accidental poisoning is alarming. You may also have concerns about curious paws or fingers finding their way into a snap trap or getting stuck on a sticky pad.

If you are looking for a humane option, those methods simply won’t work.

Perhaps the biggest problem with these mouse control methods is that they only address the situation after you’ve had a rodent run in. Wouldn’t it be better if you could keep mice out instead of catching them once they’ve moved in?

A natural way to get rid of mice:

More and more families are switching from conventional products to natural solutions. Many household products are made with harmful chemicals. As people discover the risks associated with these hidden poisons, they’re opting for natural alternatives instead.

Plenty of DIY remedies for getting rid of mice exist on the internet, ranging from placing mothballs or dryer sheets around the house, to using cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil. What all of these ideas have in common is that they use fragrance to prevent and repel mice.

You may be surprised to find that natural products can do a better job than their conventional pest control counterparts. Unlike traps and poisons that are used in reaction to a mouse infestation, scent based rodent repellents actually prevent pest problems before they begin. The reason this is so effective is because rodents have poor eyesight, but a strong sense of smell. Rats and mice use their noses to find food and sense danger. If a fragrance overwhelms their little noses, they will avoid the area.

Why choose Stay Away® Mice?

Not all scents are created equal. Although there are many different DIY solutions for mice, few come with instructions or guarantees. Stay Away® offers an award-winning line of proven pest repellents for household pests. For years, people have been turning to Stay Away to prevent ants, beetles, moths and spiders while protecting their family and home. Stay Away Mice is the newest addition to this line of natural products.

Unlike other DIY solutions, Stay Away Mice has a precisely concentrated unique blend of essential oils that are proven effective for getting rid of mice. The active ingredients are a combination of rosemary, spearmint and cedarwood oils. The instructions for using Stay Away are clear and easy to follow:  Remove the plastic overwrap and place pouch in any area showing signs of rodent activity. Use one pouch per 125 square feet for up to 60 days for prevention, and increase usage as much as one pouch per 25 square feet in heavily infested areas.

Like all of EarthKind’s products, Stay Away Mice comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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