Last summer, my in-laws gave our kids the cutest little playhouse.  Sitting in our backyard with its window panels and gingerbread trim, it looks just like a miniature house.  My daughter, a passionate animal lover, soon began asking for a pet fish for her “house”.  Considering how much time she spent in there, I figured she could handle it, and had her make a “to-do” list for her little sanctuary so she wouldn’t forget to feed her new pet.

She would always tell me of all the adventures her and Mr. Gills would have together, so when she told me they brought their new friend, the mouse, over to play, I just went along with it.  She would even come in the house and grab snacks like crackers and peanut butter to share with her friends.  Imagine my shock and dismay when I noticed actual mouse droppings in the playhouse.  There really was a mouse living in the house, and to make matters worse, my daughter actually brought the mouse in to her playhouse!