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How to Repel Mice Naturally, Safely, and with Confidence

When dealing with mice, you have many options. You can call an exterminator, who will set out mouse traps and poisons to kill the mice. You can even place these products yourself. Then you have to deal with dead mouse carcasses. The potential of having your kids or pets come in contact with poison or a mouse trap is also risky.

Some products claim to send mice away in search of water before they die. This can backfire if the rodents find water inside the property.

Another option is to use a sound-based deterrent. However, you have to have a consistent power source for these to work properly, and consumer reviews indicate that not all of these products work as advertised.

The best option is to use a plant-based mouse repellent in place of a mouse trap or poison. However, there are numerous products like this on the market, and not all work reliably. Fresh Cab is the only plant-based product with a proven track record of results keeping mice out and removing infestations.

Plant-Based Mouse Trap Alternative – Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

You can use Fresh Cab with confidence that you are not hurting your family, pets, or the environment. It’s made from 98 percent botanical products, including plant fiber and essential oils from lavender, cedar, oranges, lemons, and other plants.

The deterrent works because the essential oils it contains have an odor that is offensive to mice. When they smell the pouch, they don’t want to come anywhere near it. So by simply putting the pouch in your home, garage, or other problem areas, you will repel mice effectively, without the danger of harmful chemicals.

Safe to Use Anywhere

Because the product uses ingredients found in nature, it poses no serious health risk to humans or domestic animals. In fact, Fresh Cab is the only EPA registered bio-based rodent deterrent, and EPA registration indicates that the product poses no known risk to humans when used as directed.

It contains no poison and is not a mouse trap, so there is also no physical danger if someone comes in contact with it. You can safely handle the product, provided you do not have an allergy to one of the plant oils it contains, and it should not be harmful if a pet accidentally ingests any of it.

In addition, it does not leave behind a harmful chemical residue. The oils may stain surfaces if placed on a stained-wood or fabric surface however, so we recommend using a pouch pod.

Repel Mice with Proven Results

Of course, using natural ingredients and being safe are important, but what you really want to know is whether or not Fresh Cab will actually combat your rodent problem – the answer is yes!

In numerous scientific and consumer-based studies, Fresh Cab has been shown to be effective in repelling mice and rats when used as directed. The company guarantees results. In fact, the excellent results earned the product the coveted National Home & Garden Club Seal of Approval.

Hands down, Fresh Cab is the best alternative to the mouse trap you can buy.

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