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Rescuing Dads from Stress and Mess

Traditionally the bouncers of the typical family home, fathers are often recruited for protection from the things that go bump in the night. Monster under the bed? Dad can fix that. Scary spider scurrying out of a corner? Not a problem, dad to the rescue! Mouse in the house? Yup, that’s a dad job.

Women are superheroes – EarthKind was founded by a woman — and can absolutely do all the above. But according to science, women really do have a disadvantage in this round: women are actually genetically predisposed to be more afraid of spiders, and are twice as likely to have a phobia of mice than men (Cameron, Alasdair: “Crash Course Psychiatry”, 2004).

Unfortunately for men across America and beyond, this normally makes for some nasty additions to the to-do lists that stress him out, keeping him away from quality time at home. Those mouse traps don’t empty themselves, and if a rat that ate some poison finds its final resting place under a kitchen cupboard, someone has to move it. That usually becomes a dad job too.

Many people think lethal poisons and traps are the only solution to having a mouse in the house (or ants in your pantry, or spiders in your bedroom). Why this is bad for the people and pets living in that home – and animals living outside of it — is something we care deeply about. You can read how to protect your pets (and the planet) from poisons here.

Beyond the harm that poisons and harmful chemicals have on people, pets and our planet, killing and poisoning critters might be taking a toll on the mental health of dads everywhere, too.

On the extreme end of the scale, slaughterhouse workers are often traumatized by their work, and left with a number of disorders like PTSD. It’s hard to compare the gruesome graft of an abattoir worker to your dad emptying a mouse trap, but coming into contact — and causing the death of another creature — can be a highly stressful experience.

It’s not like we’re morally clear to squish bugs in our home, either: the science on whether they feel pain is still up for debate, but honey bees and other insects have been observed to show emotional behavior like empathy. And if they can feel empathy, why not pain? No one wants to spend their precious time at home killing things and feeling guilty.

So what’s the solution?

Rather than luring bugs and rodents into your home to kill them with bait and poisons, you can make it easier on everyone involved by making your home unattractive to pests in the first place.

Here is EarthKind’s founding principle: keep the ants, mice, moths, rats, spiders, and mosquitoes away from your home and property, rather than luring them in to kill, trap, or poison them.

Stay Away® and FreshCab® are 100% guaranteed to keep pests away when used correctly. And they couldn’t be simpler to use: just place a Stay Away® or Fresh Cab® pouch in the area you want pest free, and you’ll have 30+ days without them bugging you in your space. Smart.

Let’s give dad a break from the messy, thankless, stress-inducing work of amateur extermination. Prevention is more effective, much easier, and almost always more cost-effective than pest damage, extermination, and removal.

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