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Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Jackie_KJackie Kolek

Once upon a time, I was actually struggling to keep weight on. I was running a lot and so thin that one of our co-founders even pulled me into his office to ask if I was okay. One of the ways I was trying to combat this rapid weight loss was eating lots of small meals during the day.

Around 10 a.m. each day, I would eat a bagel with peanut butter.  So, one morning, I went to my desk to take out my stash of bagels, which I kept in a plastic bag. It was then that I realized the bag was all chewed up. Gross!  It gave me the total heebie-jeebies.  I cleaned out my desk and quickly realized…no more storing food in there!

Later that day, I was recounting this tale to my co-worker Tricia. She asked where I was keeping the bagels in question. I opened the drawer to show her where this whole saga had begun. To my shock and horror, the culprit had returned to the scene of the crime.  The furry fiend sat in my drawer, and I’m pretty sure he waved to me.

It was at that point that I pulled a legendary “George Costanza.” I leapt from my chair, knocked Tricia over, and ran screaming from my office. I screamed so loudly that our co-founders came out of their offices from across the other side of the floor to see what had happened.

Tricia recovered, but—after our office manager got on the case—the mouse did not.

Jackie Kolek is a Partner at Peppercomm, our strategic communications and marketing firm, in New York City.

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