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Short Tails

Mice can happen to anyone. Sometimes the experience is life-changing, and sometimes it’s just kinda creepy. What would  you do if you found a mouse in the house?

Find out what happened to these readers who shared their own rodent run-ins:

Mice in My Boot!

Connie Gruning

Yoder, CO

The first snow of the year I put my bare foot into my fur lined boot. Disrupting a mouse family. The boot FLEW across the room. A baby remained on my foot. I’m not certain exactly who was more traumatized!! I’m sure it’s me…. cause I really want to scream again… NOW!!

Connie is a blogger who also wrote a review of Fresh Cab, read it on her blog Peanut Butter and Whine

Trash Bag Mouse


Clear trash bag. Taking it home from workplace to put in my trash container. Became aware of a scratching sound. I turned around to look into the back of the car, and there it was. A frantic little mouse, all four paws clinging to the bag! So happy he was on the inside. How can such a little guy make my skin prickle? But he sure did. I put him in the trash, still in the bag. He probably chewed his way out. Clever creatures.

Mouse vs. Lacrosse Stick


New Rochelle

Ok we had a mouse in our kitchen, that AJ saw, he was petrified to go in and find it. Em came to his rescue finding it and beating it with a lacrosse stick!

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