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Make Your New Home a Bug-Free Haven with These 5 Sure-Fire Tips

By:  Danielle Lee of Move Buddies

Moving into a new home is always a joy. It’s like opening a new chapter in your life. Everything looks new and fresh. However, there are tasks you need to take care first before you can fully enjoy your new abode. Hiring a good moving company and following a pest control plan to prevent infestations and protect your new property are two vital tasks.

Pest control is very important. If the house has been vacant for quite some time, it’s entirely possible that it has become a haven for unwanted bugs. Pests like roaches, rats and mosquitoes, unfortunately, are vectors of deadly diseases. Hence, you will want to make sure the house is bug-free before bringing your family and belongings inside.

Here are 5 sure-fire ways that you can “pest-proof” your new home before moving in:

Take Time to Prepare

Don’t rush things. Pest control measures may take a bit of time to do their job, so you’ll have to initiate your pest control efforts a few days before you do move to your new home. Taking care of business a few days or even a week in advance lets you spot pest prone areas in the house as well, giving you a better idea of what you are actually up against.

Recognize Warning Signs of Mice Infestations… and Take Care of It!

If you find holes and lots of gnawing in the woodwork of the edifice, you have reason to worry. These are signs of a rat or mice infestation. These deceptively cute furry animals are not only carriers of disease; they increase the risk for house fires as they chew on the rubber insulation of power cords.

Keep the mice away by plugging up the holes through which they wriggle themselves in to your new property. Place mouse traps and repellent to take care of any that might have already been living in your new house.


Deep Clean with an Organic Anti-Bug Repellent

Make the house ready for occupancy as quick as you can by avoiding chemical pesticides. Chemical pesticides are harmful to the body. They can harm not only you but also your pets, your kids, your friends and even your neighbors.

Here are a few organic “pesticides” that you can use for de-bugging your new home before moving in:

  • Spinosad

Simply put, spinosad is a bacteria in powder form that is designed to kill parasitic insects like cockroaches, spider mites, bloodsuckers and others. Spray these inside the empty spaces of your new home late in the afternoon and leave it to dry.

  • Neem oil

Neem oil is mainly used for gardening, but its effects are the same for household insect pests as well. According to the Gardening Channel, what it does is suppress the appetite of insects from the beginning of their life cycle, shortening that and preventing them from multiplying.

  • Boric acid

Boric acid can be sprayed on all surfaces of the house, including carpets and furniture. Let it settle for a day, and then vacuum the dead bugs out.

Check Your Cargo For Bugs and Rodents

One of the ways that pests can follow you to your home is by simply hitching a ride on the truck. Use the organic pest control methods above on your furniture, your carpets and rugs, and your clothing one day before you move out of the house to make sure that no insects have followed you out.

Simultaneously, do a thorough visual check for rodents that might have found their way into packing boxes, especially the packaging for your electric appliances. Seal these tight to prevent intrusion by the furry little rascals.

Call in the Experts

You could do your best at pest-proofing your new home before you move in, but the experts can do a better job at it. With their better equipment, expertise and training, Life Storage Blog recommends periodically inviting pest control experts to give your house a thorough check for unwanted residents, and to perform pest control measures, if necessary.

Effective pest control makes a new home safe and healthy for both your family and other pets you may bring in. What other tips and tricks can you share to us about keeping the undesirable bugs and rodents away from your new home? Feel free to share those tips with us so we can learn from one another.