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How Long Do Spiders Live – Exploring the Spider Life Cycle

What do you do if you see a spider in your house? You may try to smash it with a shoe, flush it down the toilet, or kindly relocate the…

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Common House Spiders: Identification & Facts

If you’re anything like me, you can appreciate spiders from a distance, far from your home. I can admire those individuals who have no fear of arachnids, but I cannot tell…

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Pest of the Month: The House Spider. Will He Be Your Summer Guest?

  Arachnophobia, or an extreme fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias. Fear can be an effective way to protect yourself — you certainly shouldn’t get too close…

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They Found A Brown Recluse Spider in Their Dog’s Fur!

I remember walking through the house we live in now for the very first time. It was our first meeting with an actual realtor on our journey to buy a…

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Brown Recluse Control and Prevention

What would you do if your home was infested with poisonous spiders? It sounds like a horror movie plot, but that is exactly what happened to a family in Missouri….

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Black Widow Control and Prevention

The black widow spider is notorious. The female’s poisonous bite and reputation for killing and eating her mate serves not only as a health and safety concern, but also makes…

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