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Things Mice Don’t Like – What Scares & Repels Them

A surefire way to get rid of mice is to make sure your home is not filled with their favorite things. Doing so can be tricky since mice like a…

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Taking the sting out of summer: How to avoid a bee or wasp encounter

  It never fails, whenever we are enjoying a nice family dinner outside, a wasp has to swoop in and take a taste for himself. If that’s all that he…

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Natural Pest Prevention: Taking the Bite Out of Bedbugs

What would you do if you finally made the leap to the big city in pursuit of your dreams just to find that your expectations were overshadowed by something unexpected? I recently…

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Prepare for Mischief Night by Preventing Mischievous Pests

  Halloween is all fun and games for young whippersnappers but the days leading up to it can lead all the old fuddy duddies to the point of no return….

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No Brainer Day, A Holiday for us All!

Doing something simple, easy, or obvious is sometimes called a “no brainer;” like when I put the overflowing garbage can right in front of the door – my husband should…

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