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How to Get Rid of Rats: Is it Best to Kill or Repel?

Getting rid of rodents can be quite a chore. There are usually two options for ridding your home, farm or business of these pesky, unwanted guests: kill the rats or…

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What’s the Best Rat Repellent? See the Top Methods Compared

If you have a rat problem, you want results from your repellent. Fancy products are simply not important to you. You want confidence that the product you are buying will,…

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Proven Best Ways for Getting Rid of Mice

Looking to get rid of mice in your home, barn, farm equipment, or other area? There are plenty of mouse repellent products and traps available to do the job, but…

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Does Peppermint Oil Really Get Rid of Mice?

The debate over which method of getting rid of mice works the best has been going on for decades – the most common rodent control methods include traps, poison, and glue boards….

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How to Repel Mice Naturally, Safely, and with Confidence

When dealing with mice, you have many options. You can call an exterminator, who will set out mouse traps and poisons to kill the mice. You can even place these…

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This Old House Recommends Rodent Repellent

About one in three homeowners know the frustration and challenges of having a mouse in the house. Mice are small and sneaky, but they can cause a major headache! Between the chewing, gnawing…

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