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What do Spiders Eat – The Diet of a Common House Spider

Would you ever set the table for a spider? Of course not! But you might be surprised to find out you’ve been inviting spiders inside your home without even knowing…

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What are Spiders Scared Of – Help Keep Them Outside

We could act philosophical and say, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” Or we could share the same trite advice you’ve heard before, “They’re more afraid of you…

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They Found A Brown Recluse Spider in Their Dog’s Fur!

I remember walking through the house we live in now for the very first time. It was our first meeting with an actual realtor on our journey to buy a…

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Brown Recluse Control and Prevention

What would you do if your home was infested with poisonous spiders? It sounds like a horror movie plot, but that is exactly what happened to a family in Missouri….

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Black Widow Control and Prevention

The black widow spider is notorious. The female’s poisonous bite and reputation for killing and eating her mate serves not only as a health and safety concern, but also makes…

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