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The Importance of Preventing Rodent Related Diseases


Diseases carried by animals can be scary. We may feel like we have some control of things spread from person to person. After all, we can avoid sick people, or crowded public spaces, or just practice good hygiene and frequent hand washing. Animals are another story. Wild animals will come and go as they please, they never wash up with hot, soapy water. They urinate and defecate wherever they see fit instead of only going in designated places. They don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and they can spread all kinds of germs.

Diseases from rodents.

For years, we have known that rodents carry at least 35 different diseases that can be transmitted to humans through direct or indirect contact. Some rodent related diseases, such as hantavirus, can be fatal. Preventing contact with rodents and the germs they may carry has been one of our key goals as we share information about pest prevention and natural rodent repellent.

Recently, a new study conducted in New York City identified at least 18 new, unknown viruses carried by rats there. Experts and public health officials are reviewing the findings and haven’t found cause for alarm. In fact, there is some excitement in scientific communities that there may be new avenues of study for treatment of diseases that affect humans such as Hepatitis C as a result of finding rats carrying a similar virus.

Prevention is the best medicine.

Regardless of the implications of these new findings, the old advice of avoiding contact with rodents and preventing pest infestations seems more important than ever. You can prevent rodent problems by making sure your property is less appealing to rats and mice. Reduce food sources, hiding places and use a scent based natural rodent repellent that will create an invisible barrier causing rats and mice to avoid the area. Natural pest control for mice will help protect you from rodent related diseases, as well as from the risks associated with other, more dangerous pest control methods.

Read the full article about new viruses carried by rodents as it appeared in the New York Times: Rats and Their Alarming Bugs

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