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‘Tis Church Mouse Season, Learn How to Keep Mice Out of Your House of Worship

Remember when you were a little kid and you would see a mouse run across the floor somewhere where it shouldn’t be…like in a church? It’s already hard enough as a kid to concentrate on what the sermon is about, but then you add in that little mouse 10 inches away from your foot! Let me tell you, not fun…no matter how cute it looks, it’s still scary!

After the sermon, it’s FINALLY time to eat snacks and have juice while your parents talk to other members of the congregation. But then, yet ANOTHER mouse, coming from the kitchen! Makes you give that cookie in your hand a twice over. Seeing those things, I can only imagine where else they are exploring or living: in the Christmas storage, in the coat closet, hmm, in the pots and pans! I wish that I would have known then what I know about rodents now.

How to keep mice out:

How can this issue be fixed? You certainly don’t want to find mouse nests while unpacking your church’s Christmas decorations, or have one fall out into your lap when unfolding the tree. Definitely do not want to find tiny holes and little droppings in all the wrapping paper and boxes! All of these things are signs that you have rodents, even if you haven’t seen them.

You can also tell which kind of rodents you have based on their droppings and the damage they leave behind. Mice are smaller in size than rats and so their droppings and the damage they cause will be as well.  Protecting your things from rodents is easy with Fresh Cab:

  • Put a pouch in every box or tub where you pack ornaments
  • Place a couple pouches in with the Christmas tree
  • Put some in the closet or storage room where everything is kept

Another plus is that your Christmas tree will come out smelling fresh and outdoorsy every year, not musty and old! 

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