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What to Do When You Smell a Rat in Your Home

rat-large-300x226It may be April, but it is still not Spring weather in the northern States. Listening to the wind blowing outside, now seems like a good time to share a story about getting rid of rats.  Rats don’t like cold weather any more than you or I do, so it’s important to make sure your home is protected from these unwanted visitors.

A friend of mine called, frantic to tell me that she suspected there was a rat in her dryer vent.  Before going over to investigate, I asked her what was going on and why she thought a rat had made its way in.  She recounted hearing scratching noises and a knocking-around “pellet” sound when the dryer was turned on.  The worst part?  She suspected that something had died in the vent due to the horrible smell the dryer was giving off.  Speaking from experience, I felt her pain.  The smell of a dead rodent is nothing to shrug off, and you never want to cover up a smell, you want to get rid of it. 

I suggested she make her way outside to where the dryer vent was located and make sure that the cover was secure and intact.  Inspection revealed that the cover was bent and she noticed rodent droppings just outside of the opening.  She already knew she needed Fresh Cab, that was half the reason she called me, but I had more advice for her.  I recommended that before repairing the vent, she flush out any pests by placing Fresh Cab around her laundry area and anywhere else she suspected rodent activity.  After the pouches had been in place for a few days, she could replace or repair the vent.  I might just replace it rather than worry about dealing with a dead rat and the terrible stink left inside the existing vent.

I went to her house to help her install the new vent and get rid of the old one.  You know what we found?  Rodent droppings and a dead rat!  Who would have thought!?  We placed a pouch of Fresh Cab just inside the opening of the vent outside so that rats would not want to enter.  We caulked around the vent where it entered the house to make sure there were no openings, and made sure that the cover of the new vent was securely closed off so nothing else would find a nice, warm home in her new vent.

Remember to protect your warm and cozy home from uninvited house guests by placing Fresh Cab pouches near potential entry points and spare yourself from finding a dead rat like my friend!

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