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What’s in your Windows? It’s Box Elder Bug Season!

By : Rita Stadler

A couple days ago, on one of our mysteriously warm March days, I thought it was pleasant enough to pop open the back of our SUV and watch the boys play in the yard while I took advantage of the unexplainably hot sun that us North Dakotans had been missing out on.

How to get rid of Box Elder bugs

As I sat there, a little too relaxed, I was startled by a scream coming from the inside of the vehicle — my oldest son had discovered his very first Box Elder bug. In fact, they must have sensed his love for them because the entire window was filled with the creepy crawlers! My son frantically asked me what they were, why they fly, and why they were all over the window. As a mom who likes to have answers for her kids’ every question, I quickly resorted to Google, careful not to give away my lack of knowledge on the bug’s life — I am a mother of boys after all!

Here is what I found…

What is the deal with Box Elder Bugs and windows?

Windows and doors make for easy access into your home and vehicles. These are the most common of places that you will see Box Elder bugs, as they come in through these areas looking for cover from outside elements.

Windows are a great place to relax. Think about it—they’re warm, they are off the ground, and they house little cracks and crevices to hide out when danger approaches.

Window sills provide for a nice hibernation spot. Window sills along with door jams and frames and any other room that may be home to a warmer temperature, like sun rooms, porches, pool houses, and hot tub rooms are a great spot for hibernation. Even in the middle of winter Box Elder bugs will come out of hiding to bask in the warm sun before returning to hibernation, so the warmer the environment, the better.

What’s the big deal a Box Elder bug hides out in your windows?

Other than these bugs being a nuisance, they are a very non-destructive bug. But I haven’t met anybody yet who is fine with cleaning up piles of dead Box Elder bugs and accumulation of their excrement. In the fall, as it starts to get colder outside, Box Elder Bugs enter houses in the hundreds, sometimes even in the thousands, to seek shelter and warmth.

Although, these little black and red pests aren’t going to cause your family any harm, there is a way to rid your home of Box Elder bugs—and it doesn’t include freezing the little buggers out, at your family’s displeasure.

Here’s how to get rid of beetles and bugs!

As you head out to the store for your annual spring cleaning supplies and necessities, pick up a pack of Stay Away® Beetles and Bugs. This all-natural, scent based product works by the fresh scent of Rosemary Oil that it emits. Made entirely out of essential oils and plant fiber, this product could not be any safer to use around your family and pets. With no setup, or messy cleanup, this product is a dream for those looking for DIY pest control tips.


Stay Away® Beetles and Bugs works on Box Elder bugs, Lady Beetles and Stink Bugs by repelling them back outside and preventing them from returning. Place the pouches by the entrances of windows and doors that the bugs are using to make their way inside. By doing this, you are essentially making an invisible wall that they don’t want to cross — and your windows will no longer be the place to relax and sun bathe. Box Elder bugs start to come out of hibernation around springtime — as soon as the temperature becomes warmer. Box Elder bugs mate in the month of May, so make sure your doors and windows are protected with Stay Away® Beetles!

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