Welcome to the EarthKind Cares Retail Partner Program!

We’re excited to announce the EarthKind Cares Retail Partner Program.

Every good purpose starts with a good why. So, what’s our why? We care. We care about the health of our delicate ecosystems. We care about the safety of your family, pets, and property from the damage caused by pests. And, we care about our trading partners, from the US farmers who grow our ingredients to the like-minded retailer partners who sell our naturally effective repellents. Watch Kari explain here.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we’re ramping up our efforts to help all of our stakeholders weather the storm of social separation.  

Here’s the program:

  • We’ll help our retail partners build local awareness with tier one quality sharable content that delivers engagement and store mentions!
    Social media posts remind your community about your solutions to their pressing problems and can grow business by reaching new customers while building trust with existing customers.  Email marketing@www.www.earthkind.com to join.
  • We’ll help our loyal retail partners by offering SEO incentives.
    If a customer orders from us online, we give them a choice of local retailers to pick from. We'll include the stores they choose in our influencer & social loyalty campaigns.
  • We’ll send people to your store, rather than Amazon.
    DYK that EarthKind is the #1 in the pest category for organic search engine traffic? We send tens of thousands of visitors to local stores to purchase our products each month. It’s how we’ve grown, and sold 50 million units through partnering retailers since 2007. Please contact cusomercare@earth-kind.com with a list of all your stores and the EarthKind items they carry so we can add your stores, creating loyal customers and community spirit. Click here for more info.