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How much Fresh Cab® do I need to use?

For maximum protection, use 1 Fresh Cab pouch for 8 Sqft of floor space in the area to be treated. Infestation does not always include the full SF of an area, so as a way of reducing the number of pouches required, we recommend placing pouches in the areas where activity is seen, and not the full open area in general (re. at entry points, where food/water sources are accessible, and along walls where shelter and possible nesting areas may exist). Fresh Cab lasts up to 30 days, however, length of effectiveness depends on rate of air exchange, temperature and exposure to moisture. For best results, replace every 30 days or when scent has diminished.

Examples of this principle are as follows:

  • RV: use 3 pouches for up to 30 ft. Place near water tank, drains, slide-outs, and cushions. Also place a pouch in each storage compartment below to protect against nesting in those areas.
  • Tractor or Truck: use 2 pouches in the cab and replace when scent has diminished; 4 pouches if it is in storage for the season.
  • Combine: use 4 pouches in the cab when putting away for the year.
  • Garage: use 4 pouches for up to a double garage. Replace every 30 days or when scent has diminished.
  • Tac room: use 1 pouch, Replace every 30 days or when scent has diminished.
  • Auto: use 1 pouch in the trunk, 1 pouch under each seat, and 1 pouch under the hood if in storage. (Be careful to remove pouch under hood before driving.) Replace when scent has diminished.
  • Drop Ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces: Use one pouch per 8 sq. feet; Replace every 30 days to prevent re-infestation.