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If the product doesn’t work, what are the possible reasons?

We are quite proud of the fact that we test far more effective than other products and that we have a 90% repeat purchase rate. But nothing is 100% effective when it comes to nature. So we are pleased to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for those rare times that Fresh Cab® doesn’t work. Some of the possible reasons that the product may not be totally effective are:

  • Improper use or not following directions
  • Used outdoors
  • Product gets wet
  • Not enough product used
  • The rare case where a rodent is born without a sense of smell
  • Heavy infestations*
  • Extreme pressure from large rodent population

*Rodents will often times try to re-enter a treated area (a few times) if there is heavy predation in the area. Like most wild animals, rodents protect an area from overpopulation due to limited resources. So, what can happen is the larger/stronger rodents will push the smaller/weaker rodents into areas they don’t want to live in.

If a rodent is faced with certain death by a larger rodent, they may choose the treated area instead of a brutal death. (Note: Fresh Cab® does not kill, but rather causes an area to be extremely unpleasant for them to stay in.)

In some cases, we don’t know why it didn’t work. It’s rare we hear this, so please let us know so we can continue our research to further improve the product.