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Nature has an answer for everything, and that answer isn’t bringing harmful chemicals into our homes.

Kari Warberg Block

CEO and Founder of EarthKind

Get rid of Spiders!

I had tried everything to get rid of spiders on my boat. I used this a few weeks back and within 2 days I noticed the difference. Now when I go to use our boat I don’w have to be all freaked out when taking the cover off. I recommend it to all my friends and you should too.

Great Product

We seem to get ants in certain areas of our home no matter what we do. I swear they are in our walls. Gross! I feel so much more comfortable using this product in my home since it’s a safe and natural product compared to the ant spray I’ve used before.

Best and Reliable Results!

We’ve used Fresh Cab at our cabin in the north woods for years. It is reliable and effective at keeping mice away from the interior. Added benefit – it smells great to us!

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