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Naturally Smarter Pest Control

that is kind to the earth and all her critters

Botanical ingredients grown on USA farms

To work in harmony with nature not against it

Cruelty Free/No Kill Solutions

Keep pests away without killing a single one

Over 10,000 5- Star Reviews

That’s a lot of happy customers

Born in the USA-a female-owned business

EarthKind was founded in Mooresville, NC & all products are made in the USA

Kid & Pet Friendly*
*When used as directed

Protecting what matters most

Our Picks For Pest Season

4.4 (2031) $59.00

Fresh Cab® Rodent Repellent

Botanical rodent repellent is a fast-acting pest control product made to repel mice & keep them from coming back.

4.4 (2031) $59.00

Stay Away® Rodent Repellent

Lab-proven to be effective. Repels rodents from infested areas & prevents them from coming back.

4.4 (2031) $59.00

Stay Away® Ants & Cockroaches – Deterrent

Powerful plant-based essential oils repel ants & cockroaches from infested areas and prevent them from coming back.

4.4 (2031) $59.00

Stay Away® Moths – Deterrent

Fast-acting moth deterrent made from powerful plant-based essential oils. Continuous 30-day protection.

4.4 (2031) $59.00

Stay Away® Rodent Repellent

Lab-proven to be effective. Repels rodents from infested areas & prevents them from coming back.

People Love Earthkind

Check out some of our recent Stay Away reviews!
5 Out of 5 star

“This repellent works wonderful”

Currently I have mice in my pantry due to the cold weather in chicago I used mouse traps and they work but this repellent works wonderful and I haven’t seen them since!

5 Out of 5 star

“Pet and children safe”

We usually have problems with nice in the fall, and I haven’t seen any since using this. I like that it is pet and children safe as well, since I have both in my home.

5 Out of 5 star

“Saved my sanity!!”

had a bad problem with ant in my kitchen. I tried so many things and nothing worked. I put the Ant & Cockroach killer on my window sill and viola no more pesky ants. Saved my sanity!!

5 Out of 5 star

“Best and Reliable Results!”

We’ve used Fresh Cab at our cabin in the north woods for years. It is reliable and effective at keeping mice away from the interior. Added benefit – it smells great to us!

5 Out of 5 star

“Bye bye chemical mothballs”

So I luckily don’t have to deal with a lot of moths in my house, but love that this is a great natural alternative to chemical mothballs. It has a nice cedarwood type smell and keeps my closet clothes hole free from moths.

5 Out of 5 star

“Spiders Be Gone!”

I live in a 100+ year old home and it has helped so much! Previously, I would kill 3-4 spiders every day and now I am surprised if I see one!

EarthKind, as seen in…

Our mission

Provide A Naturally Smarter Solution To Do Pest Control

EarthKind is committed to keeping nature in business by safely keeping nature out of your business. With pest control products that are easy, effective, affordable and kind to the planet, all her living creatures and your home.

And it all began when a mouse ran up our founder’s leg…

“It all started when a mouse ran up my leg…”

On a chilly autumn morning in Minot, North Dakota, our founder, Kari, in full farm mom mode, jumped into the cab of her old grain truck, and a mouse ran from the floorboard and right up her leg…

After letting out quite a scream, she reached for a bottle of perfume in her purse and sprayed the mouse. To her surprise, the mouse immediately made a run for it out the rusted floor.

That morning, two things had Kari curious.

First, her instinct wasn’t to kill the pest but to repel it. And second, was it her perfume that sent the critter scurrying?

Her father, an entomologist,( he studied bugs…) and Kari’s deep knowledge of herbs and essential oils, it’s no wonder she asked the question, “Could scent effectively repel pests?”
After a little research, Kari was shocked that 98% of pest control solutions used poison, harmful chemicals and were kill-based.

That’s when this farm mom got mad, thinking of the costly damage to property rodents cause every year!

From an idea born at her kitchen table… we took the first EarthKind plant-based/non-kill pest repellent to market in 2007.

Since then, EarthKind has disrupted an industry by providing a naturally smarter solution to pest prevention. Our botanical based formulas look outside to nature, to protect what is inside.

Each product is designed to be kinder to earth. Safe for us, our kids and our pets- while protecting our ecosystem and every creature and insect that are a part of it.

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Sounds like a smart move to us, (even though the critters might not agree…).
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This is our home, and we must do everything we can to protect it! Whether it's preserving the ecosystem or simply picking up trash around your neighborhood, any gesture makes a huge difference. 💚

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We can all be friends with nature! (Just outside of the house 😅)

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Hoping this is the last I see of these little guys 😤

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