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Pouch Pod FAQs

EarthKind’s scent pouches are not included with the Pouch Pod but can be purchased separately. You can order online or find a retailer near you. Using a Pouch Pod in conjunction with one of EarthKind’s scent pouches can extend the longevity of the pouch by limiting the air exchange, while concealing pouches from curious kids and pets.

Simply squeeze the side tabs of the Pouch Pod to remove the base. Remove the plastic outer wrap from one of EarthKind’s scent pouches and insert the pouch into the pod. Reattach the base, and place the Pouch Pod on a flat surface, or hang in areas needing protection from pests.

Use the Pouch Pod, with one of EarthKind’s scent pouches inserted, anywhere protection from pests is needed. The Pouch Pod was designed to keep the scent pouches out of reach of curious children or pets and away from surfaces, like stained wood finishes or clothes and linens that may be affected by contact with the botanical oils in EarthKind’s scent pouches.

The Pouch Pod will slow down the evaporation of the essential oils in the scent pouches by limiting air exchange where the pouches are placed, much like closing a door or window on a room. The Pouch Pods have no direct effect on the performance of the scent pouches to deter pests.

The Pouch Pod is made from a sustainable, 100% bio-based plastic resin made from flax, beets and sunflower hulls, all grown on American family farms.

The 100% bio-based plastic material will begin to break down after 3+ years of use and is compostable making it landfill friendly. Once the Pouch Pod’s usefulness has diminished, simply dispose of the pod in the trash.