Team Fitzgerald Keeps Mice Away with Fresh Cab!

Fresh Cab rodent repellent is the best way to get rid of mice. Team Fitzgerald, father and son bowhunters extraordinaire, know how destructive mice can be to expensive hunting gear.

Say No to “Mice Rice”

Find out how and why Fresh Cab rodent repellent works.

No Mice in Their Campers

Using rodent repellent in RV’s and campers in the fall will prevent mice all winter long.

Camper Mouse-Free in the Spring!

After protecting your camper with Fresh Cab in the fall, your camper will be mouse free and smell great in the spring!

Mouse-Free Cabin Living

Hunting cabins and other seasonal spaces are prone to rodent infestations. Find out how to prevent pests.

Pet Safe Rodent Control

Find out how they were able to prevent mice without endangering their beloved hunting dogs.

No Mice Sailing in Their Boats

Seasonal equipment like boats are susceptible to pest problems. Find out how to prevent pests.

Rodent-Free Tractor Cabs

Mice love tractor cabs! Fresh Cab was invented to keep mice out of tractor cabs, leaving nothing but a fresh scent behind.

Mouse Free Farm Living

Field mice can be a real problem on the farm. Find out how to prevent farm mice.

Keeping Mice Out of Their Kitchen

Botanical rodent repellent is the best choice to use in the kitchen and around food.

No Mice in Their Storage Sheds

Storage sheds and other rarely used spaces make a great home for mice. Find out how to prevent infestations.

Protecting Classic Car Projects from Mice

Classic cars are susceptible to rodent damage. Find out how to protect your investment.

Preventing Rodent Invasions Team Fitzgerald Style

Team Fitzgerald can tell you the easiest way to get rid of mice.

Keep Mice Out of your Hunting Gear Like a Pro, Team Fitzgerald Style

Find out how to prevent rodent damage to your hunting gear.

Top 25 Uses for Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent