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Very good for rodents

“Very good for rodents! I was dealing with a really bad rodent problem. Living in a community complex, it was extremely hard to get rid of them from my place. It was literally an infestation! We would see them around day and night. I have a 10 month old who I couldn’t let down to crawl.  I put these pouches down around the house and it was like instantly. Day 1, nothing! Day 2 nothing! I’m 30 days in and still nothing! This is the best peace of mind I’ve had in months. Thanks Fresh Cab!”

– Sheffery Johnson

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Pest prevention you can feel good about.

In a world where most households and businesses face common pest problems, and people are very concerned about the safety of pest control products, EarthKind gives you naturally effective pest prevention. We provide freedom from pests and damage, while preserving nature’s delicate ecosystem. And we guarantee the results.

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