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EarthKind® Stay Away® Assortment - 4 Pack

No mess. No harmful chemicals. No pests, guaranteed! 1 each of Stay Away® Ants, Moths, Spiders, and Mice.


What’s included

EarthKind Stay Away® Ants

Ants invade and infest areas where food or moisture is present in overwhelming numbers. Getting rid of ants without harmful chemicals is easy and effective. Placing EarthKind Stay Away® Ants pouches where food and moisture are present repels ants for up to 30 days. Our proven blend of lemongrass, peppermint, and thyme targets ants’ olfactory receptors and causes them to find treated areas intolerable.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Mice

Mice are attracted to places offering shelter from inclement weather and predators, as well as a reliable food source. Getting rid of mice without dangerous traps or harmful chemicals is easy and effective. EarthKind Stay Away® Mice Repellent pouches are made with a blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that, while pleasant for you, will offend rodents. Simply place pouches in enclosed spaces to immediately start controlling your mouse problem.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Spiders

Spiders search out ideal living areas, free of scent and vibrations to form webs, lay eggs, and detect prey. Getting rid of spiders without harmful chemicals is easy and effective. EarthKind Stay Away® Spiders pouches disrupt a spider’s sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to people but offensive to spiders.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Moths

Adult moths use their sense of smell to locate the ideal environment to lay their eggs – quiet, undisturbed areas with the necessary protein needed for the larva to grow. Getting rid of moths without harmful chemicals is easy and effective. EarthKind Stay Away® Moths pouches placed in these areas emit a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to moths.

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What is EarthKind Stay Away®?

EarthKind Stay Away® is a product created by a sustainably-minded team:

  • Grown on family farms and made of essential oils and plant fiber ingredients.
  • Designed by inventive artists, scientists, and engineers who care about the earth.
  • Made (by us) in the USA, providing handicapped individuals with meaningful employment.

How does it work?

It Prevents:

  • EarthKind Stay Away®‘s patented pouch design delivers a long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, quickly repelling pests from treated areas, and reliably preventing re-infestation for up to three months.
  • Simply place EarthKind Stay Away® pouches in any indoor/enclosed areas for household pest infestations.

Why Choose EarthKind Stay Away®?

It Preserves:

  • EarthKind Stay Away® preserves health and happiness by guaranteeing safety for humans, pets, and the earth.
  • 5 Star Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating.
  • People’s Choice Award Winner.