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EarthKind® Stay Away® Beetles

Place around windows, doors, or anywhere you want to keep beetles and bugs from entering.

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No Harmful Chemicals

No Pests, Guaranteed!

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Not available for shipping to New Mexico, Connecticut and South Dakota

Protect Your Home From Beetles

Where to Use: Anywhere beetles enter your home such as window sills, door frames or anywhere you want to prevent beetles and bugs from entering.

How it Works: Beetles and bugs may seek warm entrances to your home to escape cold or inclement weather. EarthKind Stay Away® Beetles spreads a rosemary scent that sends them back outdoors.

How Much Do I Need: Use a pouch around windows, doors or anywhere you want to prevent beetles and bugs from entering. Increase the number of pouches as needed until desired results are obtained and replace when the scent has diminished (usually 30-60 days).

What is EarthKind Stay Away®?

EarthKind Stay Away® is a product created by a sustainably-minded team:

  • Grown on family farms and made of essential oils and plant fiber ingredients.
  • Designed by inventive artists, scientists, and engineers who care about the earth.
  • Made (by us) in the USA, providing handicapped individuals with meaningful employment.

How does it work?

It Prevents:

  • EarthKind Stay Away®‘s patented pouch design delivers a long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, quickly repelling pests from treated areas, and reliably preventing re-infestation for up to three months.
  • Simply place EarthKind Stay Away® pouches in any indoor/enclosed areas for household pest infestations.

Why Choose EarthKind Stay Away®?

It Preserves:

  • EarthKind Stay Away® preserves health and happiness by guaranteeing safety for humans, pets, and the earth.
  • 5 Star Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • People’s Choice Award Winner