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Stay Away® Rodent

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Rodent repellent that works – Stay Away® Rodent. No-kill rodent repellent. A botanical rodent repellent to keep rodents out without poisoning or killing them. Use Stay Away® Rodent for rodents. Stay Away® Rodent repellent makes areas like your car or cab unappealing to rodents so that they stay out. It’s the best rodent repellent for cars, just place a few to keep mice out. Ideal in cars, tractor cabs, RV’s & Campers, attics, garages: no power source needed, no bait or traps to replace or cleanout. Just drop a pouch in and forget it for 60 days. Prevent infestations of rodents by making spaces unappealing for them and you’ll avoid replacing damaged possessions. Replacing vehicle and tractor wiring because rodents have chewed and nested in your vehicle is annoying and costly, keep them out with Stay Away® Rodent. Place Stay Away® Rodent pouches in enclosed spaces to keep rodents out.  Rodent repellent for farm vehicles and equipment. Rodent repellent for stored vehicles. Rodent repellent for RV’s and campers. Rodent repellent for sheds. Rodent repellent for pool pumps and covers. Rodent repellent for warehouses and pallet racking. Rodent repellent for offices. Keep pests away.

Read our Stay Away® Rodent repellent reviews. Five star rated and guaranteed or your money back.  It’s an essential oil rodent repellent – small pouches placed in areas you wish to keep rodent-free that use essential oils to repel rodents. You can get Stay Away® Rodent repellent at lowes, use it as rodent repellent for car engines – avoid costly repairs due to rodents in your vehicle. Best rodent repeller reviews come up with stay away rodent again and again, because it works – guaranteed or your money back. The best way to repel rodents is with poison-free mice repellent. Poison free mouse repellent. Poison free rodent repellent. Non-poisonous mouse repellent. Non-poisonous mouse control. Keep rodents out of RV’s and campers, keep mice out of RV’s and campers, prevent rodents in RV’s and campers. Keep rodents out of attics, keep mice out of attics, prevent rodents in attics. Keep rodents out of sheds, keep mice out of sheds, prevent rodents in sheds. Keep rodents out of barns, keep mice out of barns, prevent rodents in barns. Keep rodents out of cars, keep mice out of cars, prevent rodents in cars, repel rodents from cars. Keep rodents out of garages, keep mice out of garages, prevent rodents in garages. Where can I buy stay away rodents rodent repellent –  here online and also TSC, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Menards, Do It Best, Target and John Deere. Based on what smells mice and rodents dislike – we fill Stay Away Rodent pouches with the best natural rodent repellers – smells they don’t want to spend time around. Exterminators are costly, require repeat visits and use indiscriminate poisons, use the rodent repellent that’s safe for kids and pets when used as directed- no-kill, fast-acting and plant-powered. Instead of getting rid of rodents altogether by killing them, just get rid of them in the spaces you don’t want them. For areas you want to keep free of rodents place a new Fresh Cab pouch every 60 days

Additional information

Weight 2.325 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 2.25 in

4 Pack, 12 Pack


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