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EarthKind® Stay Away® Starter Kit

1 each of Stay Away® Ants, Moths, Spiders, and Mice plus a Pouch Pod.


EarthKind Stay Away® Ants

Placing EarthKind Stay Away® Ants pouches where food and moisture are present repels ants for up to 30 days. Our proven blend of lemongrass, peppermint, and thyme targets ants’ olfactory receptors and causes them to find treated areas intolerable.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Mice

EarthKind Stay Away® Mice Repellent pouches are made with a blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that, while pleasant for you, will offend rodents. Simply place pouches in enclosed spaces to immediately start controlling your mouse problem.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Spiders

EarthKind Stay Away® Spiders pouches disrupt a spider’s sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to people but offensive to spiders.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Moths

EarthKind Stay Away® Moths pouches placed in these areas emit a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to moths.

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EarthKind Stay Away® Pouch Pod

The EarthKind Stay Away® Pouch Pod™ conceals EarthKind Stay Away® Pest Repellent pouches with style, functionality and sustainability. Allowing for a slow consistent release of the pouch’s oils, a Pouch Pod can extend the life of Stay Away pouches making them last up to 3 times longer!

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