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Bugged by pests? You are not alone! Most households and businesses face common pest problems.

We’ve made it our mission to provide naturally effective solutions, tips, and information so that we can all have freedom from pests and damage while preserving nature’s delicate ecosystem. Read the latest here.

Identify Moths


How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths from Your Closet and Storage Areas

For such tiny quiet critters—Tineola Bisselliella, commonly known as clothes moths, can cause a lot of damage. For many, clothing has sentimental and financial value—even if you’re not a fashionista—having your personal items wrecked in your own home by these pests can be frustrating and upsetting. Clothes moths are not the same as the ones […]

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June 13, 2024


Pantry Moth Infestations – What You Need to Know

Pantry moths are stealth masters. They are silent, secretive and sneaky. Moths will hide in dark corners and undisturbed areas so that you almost never notice them. Then they’ll lay their miniscule eggs along the seams where a piece of trim or mop board meets the wall, in high or hard to reach corners, or […]

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January 16, 2020


Pest of the Month – Clothes Moths. Don’t Let Them Wreck Your Wardrobe.

Clothes moths may be some of the sneakiest pests out there. You almost never see the actual moths, but you can always tell when they have made themselves at home by the holes left in your clothing or fabrics. What causes these pests to choose your wardrobe when they’re looking for their next meal? And […]

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