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EarthKind Living

Bugged by pests? You are not alone! Most households and businesses face common pest problems.

We’ve made it our mission to provide naturally effective solutions, tips, and information so that we can all have freedom from pests and damage while preserving nature’s delicate ecosystem. Read the latest here.



Hantavirus: A Potentially Fatal Disease Spread by Mice

Mice have been popularized as cute, little companions in many cartoons and stories. They even play an important role in natural ecosystems by helping break down decaying matter, spreading seeds, and serving as a food source for larger animals. However, rodents can pose a serious public health threat when they get too close to people. […]

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October 21, 2019


Pest Control That Saves You Money

Household pests can cause expensive damage before being discovered. Rodents love chewing on electrical wiring, inadvertently destroying appliances and increasing the risk of house fires. Pantry pests like ants or moths contaminate food, making your grocery bill even bigger. Other household pests can damage your favorite clothes, family heirlooms, or even make you sick. Most […]

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