Welcome to EarthKind’s Tools for Turns

The independent retailer’s leg up on the competition.

EarthKind’s Tools for Turns® program does the heavy lifting for you by giving you the tools you need to turn a profit. We supply category-relevant social media posts, imagery and videos that promote Fresh Cab and Stay Away products in a compelling, engaging way. All you have to do is sign up and share on your social media channels, newsletters, circulars—anywhere you want to make an impact!

Stay Away Ants by EarthKindSigning up for this program will provide you with the following resources which will help you sell EarthKind product:

  • Content for sharing
  • High quality images
  • Tips for displays
  • Recent PR and news on the earthkind brand
  • Samples of all new products
  • and more!

Complete the form and we’ll contact you to set it up. You’ll get full access to our Tools for Turns downloadable library of digital and point of purchase materials; plus monthly newsletters outlining the new month’s tools.

*If you are having any troubles with the form or have questions, please email us at wholesale@earthkind.com and we will be happy to help.

Tools For Turns