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Want to make your Stay Away pouches repel pests for 3X as long?

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Super handy for longer trips on the road and when your RV is in storage. Just set em’ and forget them for up to 90 days! And stay pest free!

  Discreetly conceals your pouches (so they’re a little better looking on your counter). WHILE protecting them from curious kids & pets.

  Easy to hang (in your closet) and slip into small spaces on shelves and cupboards

  Get 3X the lasting power!

So simple and useful!

I love the pouches, but it does feel a little weird just putting pouches around. Especially in my pantry! I used this for the ants pouch and placed it in my pantry, and now it literally looks like an air freshener while keeping my pantry ant free! I also love that this extends the pouch's life. I recommend using this with every Earth Kind pouch!!

Buying more ASAP

We hang the "Stay Away Spiders" on our front porch to keep away the yucky spiders that congregate in the corners. It's a great conversation starter when people come to our door and it smells great! Great idea EarthKind.

Bio-based Pouch Holder

This is a great addition for the Stay Away pouches. I like that the pouch pod preserves the essential oils for up to 3x longer. Although the products are not harmful to kids or pets the pouch pod is great to keep kids and pets from messing with the pouch.

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