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RV living space covered

Don’t Forget About The Undercarriage

Lot’s of our customers also like to protect their RV undercarriage (And we agree that’s a great idea) Because it’s every pest’s favorite way to get inside, stay warm (and chew). The enclosed storage spaces are perfect spots for pouches to repel any uninvited guests.

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Check out these “fun facts” about rodents and why these critters are the #1 cause of pest damage in RVs.

  Mice love warmth- making heating ducts, pipes and wiring their favorite places to hide (and chew). 

  The smell mice leave behind attracts more “friends” to join your already unwanted guests.(Where there’s one, you can bet there are many...).

  Dryer sheets and mothballs do NOT work. (despite what you may have been told…).

  Enclosed spaces like cupboards, under the sink and closets are another favorite mice hideaway.(not to mention sneaking into the underbelly of your RV).

By choosing EarthKind, you’re choosing peace of mind to not only get rid of pests, but prevent them from ever making your RV their home. (and if the pouches work in your RV- they will also work in your house…).

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