Fresh Cab Vendor Highlight - Peavey Mart

Posted by Rita Stadler

Nov 11, 2013 4:13:00 PM

Preserving the good and preventing the rest are lofty goals for anyone.  For a farm wife in North Dakota, this meant finding a way to solve natural problems naturally.  This woman, Kari Warberg Block, was no stranger to the idiosyncrasies of farm life, from trucks that won't start, mice nesting in tractor cabs, strange smells, to kids and pets running around freely.  She wasn't comfortable with the products on store shelves that contained questionable chemicals; she worried about her pets and children being exposed to dangerous poisons.  Preventing damage and odor shouldn't come at the cost of anyone's safety. 

Using resources that were readily available like corn cobs and fragrant plants, she began experimenting until she found the perfect mix.  She created an air freshener that was completely natural and worked great in tractor cabs, tack rooms, old trucks, and around the house.  Drawing on her farming background, she named her invention Fresh Cab since it keeps tractor cabs smelling fresh.  Fresh Cab has spread from Midwestern farms to all across the United States and is crossing borders into Canada too!

Holding true to her core beliefs about being kind to the planet, people, and pets, Kari worked diligently when choosing where to offer Fresh Cab.  She knew she'd found the right place when she found Peavey Mart. 

Peavey Mart has been serving Western Canada with hardware and a whole lot more for decades and continues to satisfy customers’ needs.  Supporting their communities in many ways, Peavey has demonstrated a heartfelt commitment to public service, such as their decision install charging stations for electric cars at all of their stores.  With 29 stores, they are able to help multitudes of people, "from basic hardware, tools, work wear, and agricultural supplies, to plumbing, heating & electrical, pet food, lawn & garden, plus just about everything needed by the new “urban farmers”."

If you are a traditional farmer, a new 'urban farmer', a nature lover, or just a concerned parent, Fresh Cab can work for you.  

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Rita Stadler
Rita lives in Central Florida and has been a member of Team EarthKind since 2010. When not writing about ways to preserve the good and prevent the rest, her 4 children keep her busy. She can be found sharing mouse jokes on Twitter @EarthKind and answering to calls of "MOM!" from any kid within a 25 foot radius.

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