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Commercial Rodent Control Product – Request a Free Sample

Efficacy & Cost

Fresh Cab is proven to be highly effective by independent lab and field studies and is the only bio-pesticide rodent repellent registered for use indoors and enclosed areas. Fresh Cab has a non-toxic mode of action to target pests and has no required human, animal, or environmental label warnings. This product requires no Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to apply to target areas, making it easy to apply.

Consumer-branded Fresh Cab consistently receives 5-Star ratings and maintains a 98%+ repeat purchase record with more than 10 million units sold.

Cost to apply and dispose:

With no specific PPE required, DIY application of Fresh Cab is quick and easy. Since the used sachets are composed only of plant fibers and plant essential oils, there are no burdensome hazardous waste or poison disposal issues.

Noticed signs of rodent activity around your business? Fresh Cab® rodent repellent is made using a combination of botanical ingredients and can be used in numerous commercial settings. This effective pest control product is backed by a  100% Money Back Guarantee.

Regulatory Alignment

Fresh Cab is registered for use in all 50 U.S. states and is the only bio-pesticide rodent repellent registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use indoors and enclosed areas. Fresh Cab requires no additional Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to apply to target areas, making it cost-effective to integrate into existing integrated pest management programs in any commercial environment.

Fresh Cab is consistent with 7 CFR 205.271(b)(2) and 7 CFR 205.271(d) for use in Organic Handing Facilities as part of an Integrated Pest Management Program using non-synthetic repellents for pest control.

Additionally, since Fresh Cab is made only of plant fibers and essential oils, there are no hazardous waste or poison disposal concerns.

Sustainability & CSR

  • EarthKind products are USDA Certified Biobased
  • Botanical repellent is cruelty-free and does not use a killing mode of action
  • EarthKind maintains a carbon-neutral footprint and is Certified Climate Neutral
  • Supply Chain Diversity: Woman-owned and operated
  • 20% Handicapable production workforce



Fresh Cab® is the only bio-pesticide rodent repellent registered by the EPA for use indoors and in enclosed areas.
EPA Registration No. 82016-1

Execution & Support

EarthKind is dedicated to the highest service levels and support; we consistently deliver. Our team predicts, quickly reacts, and stays focused on the key metrics that deliver results for our commercial partners, building shared value, sustainably.

With a dedicated Commercial Team, EarthKind recognizes that our commercial customers have unique and demanding requirements for their pest management programs, and we are committed to delivering the best service, information, and assistance possible to ensure your programs deliver on your promises to your customers and employees.

Use Fresh Cab in These Commercial Settings

Place Fresh Cab repellent in the following commercial areas where droppings or other rodent activity is noticed. Also use to help prevent future rodent infestations.

Auto Mechanics / Service Stations
RV and Camper Centers
Campgrounds / Resorts / Lodges / National Parks
Storage Units
Poultry Houses
Construction & Heavy Equipment Companies
Seed Houses
Electricians & Plumbers
Property Managers,
Hotels, and Hospitality Providers
Pool/Spa dealers and maintenance companies
Auto Dealers & Vehicle
Fleet Management Centers
Trailer Dealerships/Rentals
Scale Houses
Zoos, Kennels & Equestrian Centers
Restaurants / Coffee houses
Ski resorts

Request a Free Sample for Commercial Use

Get ahead of commercial pest problems. Request a free sample of EarthKind’s commercial rodent control product using the form below and an EarthKind representative will reach out. Or, check out our Fresh Cab subscription options here.