Stay Away® Natural Pest Repellents

No mess. No harmful chemicals. No pests, guaranteed!

Watch how it works here: How to use Stay Away® Pest Repellents

Stay Away® is a natural product created by a sustainably-minded team:

It Prevents:  


  • Stay Away®'s patented pouch design delivers a long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, quickly repelling pests from treated areas, and reliably preventing re-infestation for up to three months.
  • Simply place Stay Away® pouches in any indoor/enclosed areas for ant, moth, spider or rodent infestations.

It Preserves:


Free Tips & Tools:


  • Our resource library will give you the practical knowledge you need to better co-exist with nature. We will show you how to use a preventive pro-active approach, in opposition to the traditional quick fix ‘kill’ approach, that only temporarily solves the problem. You’ll learn what each pest is looking for in your space, and how create an environment that drives them back out.  
  • The earthkind® promise guarantees effectiveness and safety for humans, pets, and the environment.


Stay Away® Ants:  Our proven blend of lemongrass, peppermint, and thyme targets ants' olfactory receptors and causes them to find treated areas as unpalatable.  Foraging ants will not want to bring food from treated areas back to their colony, or lead their colony to treated areas because the scent is offensive to them. 

Stay Away® Moths:  Cedar chests have long been used to store linens and clothing since the scent helps keep moths away, but the effect has had a short shelf life.  We've found a unique blend of essential oils that incorporates this traditional wisdom into an easy to use patented pouch so you can make moths 'stay away' from your personal property no matter where it is stored, no expensive, heavy, wooden chest necessary!

Stay Away® Botanical Rodent Repellent:  Rodents have notably poor eyesight, but a heightened sense of smell to make up the difference.  Overpowering their little noses with a scent that is pleasant to humans but offensive to mice, has been proven effective at making  them ‘ stay away.’ Mice won’t nest or congregate in areas that they can’t smell a predator coming, or if the safety of their offspring is endangered.

Stay Away® Spiders:  Spider legs contain the organs for hearing, touch, and smell.  All of these senses are highly developed and very sensitive.  Our proven blend of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary interferes with spiders' ability to sense their prey, as well as helps to repel various types of prey from the treated area, (citronella & lemongrass commonly repels flies, and small winged insects) causing spiders to 'stay away'.

Placing Stay Away® pouches in pest prone areas will make it easy and safe for you to control and prevent pest problems.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or just check back here regularly for more information about how our products work, how to use them, and what you can do to preserve the good and prevent the rest.

Stay Away® Products


Stay Away® Assortment Pack

Stay Away®
Assortment Pack


You’ll get a pouch of
Stay Away® Ants, Moths,
Spiders and Rodent all in one package so you can start
protecting every room of
your home from pest invasion.

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Stay Away® Ants - 4 Pack


Place where food particles are present. Keeps ants out by emitting a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to super-sensitive ants.

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Stay Away® Beetles - 4 Pack


Place around windows, doors, or anywhere you want to keep beetles and bugs form entering. Emits a rosemary sent that sends them back outdoors.

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Stay Away® Moths - 4 Pack


Moths seek quiet, undisturbed areas to lay their eggs. Place pouches in these ares to protect your garmets. Pouches emit a scent pleasant to humans, but offensive to moths.

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Stay Away® Spiders - 4 Pack


Place pouches to disrupt a spider's sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to humans, but offensive to spiders.

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Stay Away® 
Botanical Rodent Repellent - 4 Pack


Repels rats and mice with odor that is offensive to rodents, but pleasant to humans. Place pouches in your home to prevent a rodent invasion.

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Stay Away®
Pouch Pod™


Stay Away® Pouch Pod™ extends the life of the repellent pouches 3x, and conseals pouches from curious kids and pets with style, functionality, and biodegradability.

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Stay Away® 
Starter Kit


Receive one of each Stay Away® Ants, Moths, Spiders and Rodent as well as our Stay Away® Pouch Pod™. Get everything you need to start preventing pests in your home.

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