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Getting to know the Field Mouse and why she wants to move into your house.

By: Rita Stadler

Who can resist a tiny little fur ball with big eyes and oversized ears? We certainly can’t, so we decided to name the field mouse, AKA the deer mouse, as our Pest of the Month. The fact that she may be making an appearance in your home this month, as temperatures start to drop, is purely coincidence, we assure you. So sit back, relax, and get to know this cute critter before she comes to visit you.


About me Peromyscus Maniculatus


  • A ‘whole foods’ diet — Looking this good doesn’t come easy, so I try to stick to seeds, nuts, and whole grains. Sometimes I’ll nosh on other things, like bugs, but that’s as close as I get to fast food.
  • The great outdoors — They don’t call me the field mouse for nothing! I love farm fields, fields of wildflowers, sometimes I even branch out of fields and enjoy a nice patch of woods, or a little house on the prairie.
  • A good book — Speaking of Little House on the Prairie, it was a real page turner! What I mean, is I turned the pages into a nest for me and my family and it was really cozy! I’m trying to decide between Of Mice and Men or Stuart Little for my next endeavor.


  • Anything bigger than me — Unfortunately, just about everything is bigger than me. It’s tough being small, it’s kind of like being snack sized in the eyes of other animals.
  • Cold weather — Because I am so small, I can’t stand up to extreme temperatures. That’s why I’m always trying to move inside during the winter.
  • Sensory overload — I have to rely on my senses or else I’ll become lunch for something bigger. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “The nose knows.” Those are words to live by if you’re a mouse like me! I hate it when someone with strong perfume, or heaven forbid a skunk comes around; they really mess up my sense of smell and I can’t tell if I’m on the right path or safe from a predator.



  • Listening to love songsMale mice are always trying to get my attention, so they sing. I’ll only pick one who sings something special.
  • Food storage — The winter can be long and difficult for a little mouse, and once I find that special guy, I’m going to have a lot of mouths to feed. I always store away extra caches of food in lots of different places so we never go hungry.
  • Family huddles — When it gets really cold, a group of us will get together to stay warm. There is nothing better than a close knit family!

What I’m looking for?

I’m really easy to please. I just want a safe, warm, comfy, cozy place to call home. I feel safest in places that are quiet and undisturbed, like a cabin in the woods, or maybe one of those buildings on a farm that is full of trucks and tractors but not very many people. I thought the suburbs might be too busy, but my cousin just moved into a house on the edge of a big, wooded lot, and she swears I’ll feel right at home. She even told me some people have fire places which is perfect for me, because I think nesting in a sheltered wood pile is the bee’s knees!

People with a green thumb, or bird enthusiasts are a great match for me — they always seem to have some extra seeds sitting around that I can add to my cache. The only other thing I need is some soft material to make my nest, and I’ll be all set.

What I’m NOT looking for?

I’m more of a homebody than a tourist. Popular vacation ‘hot spots’ have no appeal to me — too much action, too much noise — it all makes me really uncomfortable. However, I’ve managed to get some really great discounts by booking vacation cabins, or camping out in a camper during the off season!

Editor’s Note:  Even though we did say this tiny little mouse was hard to resist, mice need to stay outside where they belong. Field mice are especially concerning because they can transmit serious diseases like Lyme Disease and Hantavirus. Please visit our Pest Library to find out how to repel mice naturally with Stay Away®.

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