Mice need a place to live – but that place isn’t in your home!

  • EarthKind Stay Away® Mice is made from natural ingredients that smell pleasant to people and quickly repel mice from indoor/enclosed areas.
  • Made from safe, non-hazardous ingredients. No harmful chemicals.
  • Guaranteed effective or your money back!

Mother mice need a home too, just not in your expensive farm equipment.

  • The safe way to keep destructive rodents out of your shed, garage, vehicles, basement etc.
  • Drive away rodents without harming people or pets.
  • Guaranteed effective or your money back.

Go away and Stay Away® Mosquitoes!

  • Unscented, skin-friendly and proven effective.
  • EarthKind Stay Away® Mosquitoes is safe for the whole family – even pregnant women.

Don’t let another moth take a bite out of your favorite sweater!

  • No mess.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Guaranteed to keep moths away from your home, naturally.

Your pantry is no place for ants.

  • Place EarthKind Stay Away® Ants pouches where ants go to find food: pantries, cupboards, kitchens, basements, or places you would like to prevent them from entering.
  • No harmful chemicals – made from plant-based ingredients so EarthKind Stay Away® can be used near food, pets and people.
  • Guaranteed effective or your money back.

Don’t kill spiders, just make it clear they’re not welcome in your home.

  • Scented pouches disrupt a spider’s sophisticated senses so they will find another place to live and spin their webs.
  • Made entirely out of plant-based ingredients including essential oils and plant fiber.
  • Guaranteed effective or your money back.

EarthKind Stay Away®


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EarthKind Stay Away®


EarthKind Stay Away®


EarthKind Stay Away®


EarthKind Stay Away®


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A different kind of pest control

EarthKind® is a USA based developer and manufacturer of plant-based repellents designed to drive pests away (and keep them away) without killing, trapping, or poisoning.

EarthKind approach:

Purpose driven

We exist to create a sustainable paradise on earth by developing healthier boundaries between people, pests and property. This purpose drives the way we do business, and the way we invent products to be powered by nature.

Performance proven

We’re a group of artists, scientists, engineers, and nature lovers committed to providing pest protection products that work faster, last longer, and naturally perform better. All EarthKind products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee, and are 3rd party verified.

Principles led

We are committed to transforming the industry through bio-innovation because we believe it’s the right thing to do. When we started in 2007, 98% of all DIY pest control options were lethal or toxic. A decade later, it’s 90%! Our goal is to see 50% by 2023.

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