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The Only Rodent Allowed in This House is a Guinea Pig

Margaret M.

Monkton, Maryland

We live in a duplex and, for a while, had neighbors that were dirty and left food and pet food out. When they moved out and before cleaning, we started to see a mouse or two.

Now, we like rodents. We keep a guinea pig as a pet, so we did not want to kill the mice or use poison. We had one mouse that really liked to lick out the empty hummus containers left on the kitchen counter! I always joked that his buddies gave him a hard time for his garlic breath!

So, mice are not clean and they can be very destructive. I really did not want the outdoor rodents to interact with the indoor rodents. At first a live trap (almond butter on a cracker was irresistible) seemed to work but at one point we were overwhelmed and it was freezing outside. We really did not want to put the mice out to die in the cold.

I discovered Fresh Cab that Spring. The person I asked at the company said to keep the product out of the room where the guinea pig was. This was in the kitchen. In Fall the mice started to show up again. First, I made sure that all of our food was secure and we cleaned up right away after every meal. Sorry Dude, no hummus! I put the Fresh Cab in all of the rooms from the attic to the basement except the kitchen and the adjoining room. The mice left all of the other areas of the house and came to those two rooms. In the adjoining room I placed peppermint/spearmint tea bags under all of the furniture. Once all of the mice hit the kitchen we just caught them one by one and put them outside before the weather changed. By the time Winter came we had NO mice in the house and the guinea pig was not bothered by the Fresh Cab… The mice are really cute but I am happy that they are outside where they belong.

With this regimen we saw NO mice at all last Winter, our second mouse free year!

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