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Get Rid of Spiders from the House. Sneaky Tips That Keep Spiders Out.

Summer is spider season, so there’s no better time to get rid of spiders. We’re hoping spiders haven’t taken a bite out of your summertime fun.

Try these natural solutions that will help you keep spiders from making their way into your home. Here’s to a summer filled with sunshine, backyard barbecues and a spider-free home!

Spider web with light shining through

Spiders don’t have a favorite song. 


Spiders don’t have good eyesight, so they rely on vibrations they feel in their web, to detect an insect that could be their next meal. Turn music on in an area where you’ve spotted spiders and the vibrations will interfere with their ability to pick the perfect time to feast. They’ll quickly leave in search of a quieter spot.

Spiders like to snack.

Cartoon spider hanging from a web

From a spider’s perspective, an insect is like a gourmet meal. Keep bugs out by cleaning regularly and spiders will be looking for a more well stocked home.

Shine a bright light on spiders. 

Four light fixtures hanging from a ceiling
Spiders would prefer to be left alone. That’s why they hang out in dark places. Notice an area of your home where spiders are weaving their webs? Leave the lights on and they’ll be looking for a new hideaway.

Remove spider webs. Attract less wasps.

Wooden window with a spider web in the corner

Everyone has a favorite food and that includes insects. When a wasp sees a spider, it knows it’s in for a tasty treat. To reduce your chances of finding a wasp nest nearby, you’ll want to keep window wells clean and in the fall, be sure to clear leaf litter. Removing a spider’s habitat sends a clear message to wasps that they should find a new dining hall to frequent.

Save the spiders! Just not their webs.

Woman with a sad face holding cleaning products
Spiders put a lot of effort into weaving their silky webs, so they don’t like it when you disturb them. They also don’t like the high pitched vibration of a vacuum. Use a vacuum hose to clear out spider webs and creepy crawlers will be on their way to a more peaceful home.

If you see spiders outside, they’re almost always inside too.

Child outside spraying a hose
To make your home less attractive to spiders, wash old webs off outside areas with a garden hose — particularly under roof eaves. To prevent spiders from spinning new ones, use a spray made of half a cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of liquid dish soap and twenty drops of thyme oil. The scented mixture prevents them from attaching their silk to sprayed surfaces.

Spiders are sneaky.

Dog holding up a magnifying glass to one eye

To avoid eight-legged uninvited guests, get out a magnifying glass and look for tiny cracks in your home. Seal any openings you find with caulk, screening or weather stripping. Spiders will be on their way to a more inviting household.

Spiders like piles of newspapers and magazines so much you’d think they’d have their own subscriptions.

Man surrounded by a pile of newspapers

If you don’t want spiders in your home, then it’s time to clear the clutter. Creepy crawlers love to hide where you won’t see them. Do you really want to flip the page and find an uninvited guest?

Are spiders sneaking up on you?

Use Eucalyptus Oil to Keep Spiders Out

Apply a few drops of eucalyptus oil in corners, cracks and any areas where spiders like to hang out in your home. You can even put eucalyptus leaves in cupboards, drawers and under large pieces of furniture. The scent will send them off to a more welcoming home.

Spiders driving you up the wall?

Woman in the corner of a room surrounded by spiders

Nuts drive spiders nuts. Place a few chestnuts on windowsills and along baseboards in your home. The scent repels them. One whiff and they’ll be looking for a new place to weave their webs. (Avoid leaving horse chestnuts around the house. They can be toxic to humans if eaten raw.)

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