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Combo Pack: Fresh Cab® & Stay Away® Spiders

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This bundle contains 8 pouches in total.

  • Stay Away® Spiders 4-pack
  • Fresh Cab® 4-pack.


What’s included

Experience the benefits of both EarthKind’s spider and rodent repellents. 100% effective guaranteed, with no messy setup or cleanup. EarthKind’s Stay Away® and Fresh Cab® repellents are natural alternatives to poisons and traps.

EarthKind Stay Away ® Spiders

EarthKind’s fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients effectively repel spiders for 30 days. To prevent and remove spiders from your home, place a Stay Away ® Spiders pouch anywhere spider webs or spiders are noticed.

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EarthKind Fresh Cab ®

Effectively repel rodents for 30 days with fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients. To prevent and remove rodents from uninhabited enclosed areas, place a Fresh Cab ® pouch anywhere rodents hide, feed, or nest.

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